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  • Flotation Systems and Belt Presses

  • HydroCal CAF - Cavitation Air Flotation System

    HydroCal CAF - Cavitation Air Flotation System

    Make sure that your wastewater treatment is simple and trouble-free. The CAF system is an innovative system for the removal of solids form liquid waste. Design simplicity makes the unit easy to operate, easy to maintain, economical to use. CAF is a Cavitation Air Flotation process. Microbubbles are injected into the wastewater without first having to dissolve the air. Only air passes through the ejection nozzles. You have no need for air compressors,...

  • HydroCal - Stainless Steel Belt Press

    HydroCal - Stainless Steel Belt Press

    The HydroCal Stainless Steel Belt Presses easily and economically solve the problem of dewatering sludge. Their stainless steel construction guarantees years of reliable service with virtually no maintenance, no painting and no corrosion even in both hostile municipal and industrial environments. Our innovative engineering has made the HydroCal Belt Presses compact, efficient and easy to operate. The HydroCal Belt Presses use a single, self-adjusting...

  • HydroCal - Fiberglass Belt System

    HydroCal - Fiberglass Belt System

    The HydroCal Fiberglass Belt Press treats and dewaters liquid sludge to produce a thick sludge cake with 'no flow' characteristics and greatly reduces volumes for disposal for Industry as well as small to medium sized Communities. HydroCal's innovative press has been tested and perfected for over more than a decade. From the design of roller surfaces to the well researched and proven body shape, the HydroCal press is truely state-of-the-art...

  • Filter Presses and Screens

  • Hydrocal - Filter Press Dewatering and Filtering System

    Hydrocal - Filter Press Dewatering and Filtering System

    The two main components of the filter press are the filter plates and the hydraulic cylinder system. The hydraulic cylinder holds all of the filter plates closed, while solids are forming a cake inside the filter plates. Dirty fluid is forced under pressure into the filter chamber by a fluid process pump.  Fluid enters in the center of the filter plates, with all chambers being filled simultaneously. The filter cloth retains the solids. Once...

  • HydroCal - Static Screen

    HydroCal - Static Screen

    HydroCal's Static Screen provides efficient screening of a wide variety of wastewater products through continuous screening. HydroCal's Static Screen is available in a range of sizes to process different flow rates and materials in order to satisfy each customer's processing requirements.

  • HydroCal - Model IFU Series - Rotary Screen

    HydroCal - Model IFU Series - Rotary Screen

    IFU Series of Internally fed Rotary Screens have cylindrical drums mounted horizontally on four shaft-mounted wheels. The drum rotates at 4 rpm and is driven by a TEFC motor, geardrive. stainless steel roller chain and sprocket. The IFU/W series screening element is slotted, wedgewire screen, with openings ranging from 0.010 to 0.100 inches, and the IFU/M series screen has a mesh lining, with openings from 100 to 500 microns. The IFU is a compact...

  • Polymer Feed Systems

  • HydroCal - Liquid Polymer Feed System

    HydroCal - Liquid Polymer Feed System

    The HydroCal Polychem System is the ultimate in simplicity and reliability. The Polychem unit uses low power, takes up minimal space, requires little maintenance, and operates unattended. Various size units cover output ranges from 0.1 to 10 gph neat polymer.