HydroFlow Canada Inc.

Hydroflow is the solution provider for residential, commercial & industrial water treatment requirements. We have decades of worldwide experience in limescale management, improving water clarity and bio-fouling control. Our wealth of experience covers a wide range of applications. This includes limescale protection for commercial offices and the hotel sector, various benefits for swimming pools and the leisure industry, cooling towers of all sizes, food processing, agricultural and manufacturing industries. We also cover more specialized applications such as mining, water transport and power stations

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3455 Harvester Road, Unit 4 , Burlington , Ontario L7N 3P2 Canada

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)

HydroFLOW Canada is a Canadian owned company licensed as the sole distributor for Canada. For the patented Hydropath technology, developed and manufactured in the UK with proven results for over 18 years. All products are fully guaranteed.  

HydroFLOW offers a fresh, effective, environmentally sound approach to water conditioning. Through the use of our patented technology we prevent and eliminate scale build up caused by “hard water”.

Due to the fact that our induced signal travels in both directions, the whole system gets treated 24/7, therefore eliminating the problems associated with hard water without removing beneficial minerals.

We are leading the world with cost effective, “green” electronic water conditioners.

What does HydroFLOW do?

  • Removes limescale and prevents it
  • Cuts heating costs and conserves energy
  • Improves heat transfer efficiency
  • Saves valuable equipment and extends its life
  • Protecting the system 24/7
  • Works even when there is no flow
  • Chemical Free. Uses no chemicals whatsoever to treat water
  • The Benefits to the environment are ongoing.
  • Perfect for Home / Cottage / RV / Boat / Commercial and Industrial