Hydroisotop GmbH

The company Hydroisotop GmbH operates in the area of analyis of natural isotope composition in the systems WATER, GAS, and ROCK and deals with special geological and hydrogeological questions like deep thermal waters, mineral waters, and medicinal waters for more than 25 years. Currently, our team consists of more than 27 women and men of various professions such as physicists, chemists, food chemists, geologists, mineralogists, hydrologists, agricultural and chemical engineers, laboratory assistants, and secretaries. The main laboratory is located in Schweitenkirchen near Munich. There is a branch office in Emmendingen (Baden-W├╝rttemberg).

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Woelkestrabe 9 , Schweitenkirchen , D-85301 Germany

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Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)

In a unique way, Hydroisotop combines the certified application and development of laboratory analyses in the fields iso-topes and chemistry of gas, water and solid materials with sophisticated scientific evaluation and interpretation regard-ing genesis, origin, authenticity, age, natural attenuation, quality, biogenic fraction or technical processing.