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  • Classic - Fusegates

    Classic - Fusegates

    The Fusegate The fusegate, invented and ceaselessly perfected by Hydroplus, is a robust and tried-and-tested solution, installed around the world. Its development has been subject to extensive testing in order to guarantee reliable operation in all circumstances, including in extreme conditions.

  • Folding Fusegates

    Folding Fusegates

    This fusegate device based on the same triggering principles as the Classical Fusegate is not dragged by the flood but rather it disappears downwards like a valve. It can be set back in place manually by the operator after the flood has passed.

  • Smart - Fusegates

    Smart - Fusegates

    This fusegate device based on a single triggering principle, still independent and without energy contribution, is not dragged by the flood: it tilts around an axis and is repositioned after the passage of the flood. The upstream water levels for the tilting and setting back in place are configurable at the time of the project, and can be adjusted later. Alone or in conjunction with Classic Fusegates, it is the ultimate tool for optimising the...

  • Hydroliennes - Fusegates

    Hydroliennes - Fusegates

    Hydroliennes enable eutrophic water bodies to be destratified in an ecological, natural and economic way, restoring life to the ecosystem.