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  • Laboratory Tests Services

    Laboratory Tests Services

    HydroThane performs laboratory tests such as: Biodegradability test,Toxicity test,Biomass activity test,Nutrient dosing advice.

  • Pilot Installations Services

    Pilot Installations Services

    HydroThane has pilot installations for on-site testing which can be hired. HydroThane offers support during pilot testing period.

  • Nutrients Delivery Services

    Nutrients Delivery Services

    HydroThane provides special nutrient mixes, like VitComplete, CoMoNiMix, etc., especially developed for the UASB, SWD and ECSB processes.

  • Granular Biomass Delivery Services

    Granular Biomass Delivery Services

    HydroThane delivers granular biomass for re-seeding (after e.g. set-up and/or maintenance.) or start-up of a new/existing anaerobic reactor. Due to a large worldwide network of good operating reactors, HydroThane can offer the best suitable biomass available – furthermore saving on transport costs.

  • Consultancy & Trouble Shooting Services

    Consultancy & Trouble Shooting Services

    Based on many years of practical experience, HydroThane performs consultancy and troubleshooting services for biological waste water treatment plants. The actual performance of the plant is evaluated and recommendations will be formulated to improve or to optimize the performance of the plant. HydroThane is able to provide technical and technology support for different kinds of UASB, EGSB, solid waste digestion and biogas treatment plants that are on...

  • Start Up Assistance Services

    Start Up Assistance Services

    HydroThane delivers start up services/assistance for new and/or existing biological waste water treatment plants. Our engineers will support you for a certain period to stabilize the biological process.

  • Operation Services

    Operation Services

    HydroThane can also perform the operation of the waste water treatment plants for the client or together with the client's personnel. HydroThane is already delivering to international clients operational services.

  • Contracting

  • Project and Site Management Contracting Services

    Project and Site Management Contracting Services

    Our team includes project managers, designers, technologists, operators and a well built network of partners, subcontractors, and suppliers. The project manager serves as the main point of contact for all matters regarding the assigned project and is responsible to co-ordinate the communication channels during the project execution.

  • Design & Process Philosophy Contracting Services

    Design & Process Philosophy Contracting Services

    We firstly collect all the required data to make the design guidelines. Wastewater characteristics, effluent requirements and available space limitation are the main data that we need to know and then decide the proper process technology, the facility layout, the equipment characteristics and the complete process philosophy that will control the plant.

  • Procurement of Material Contracting Services

    Procurement of Material Contracting Services

    Correct selection of all equipment is key to successful execution. We can directly supply the equipment or we can supply assistance for correct selection and purchase of the auxiliaries related to our processes.

  • Tank and Civil Construction Contracting Services

    Tank and Civil Construction Contracting Services

    Infrastructure and tanks are the body of our technology, and they need to be designed and built on long term quality standards. Our experience in contracting has concluded to trustworthy solutions for water tight constructions, convenient to plug our processes.

  • Electromechanical Installation Contracting Services

    Electromechanical Installation Contracting Services

    Avoiding the site works as much as possible is usually related to higher quality standard and faster execution. We deliver prefabricated parts of the installations, or for small and medium sized projects containerized installations. As small team of people then will be sufficient to plug the parts between them in a very short time.

  • Start-Up & Stabilization Contracting Services

    Start-Up & Stabilization Contracting Services

    Upon completion of the electro-mechanical installation, the technologists take over again in order to start up the plant and stabilize the process. During commissioning period all the parameters of the process are adjusted to the optimum to achieve maximum treatment efficiency and minimal operational expenses.

  • Plant Operation Contracting Services

    Plant Operation Contracting Services

    There are several cases when the client desires the treatment facility to be operated by a specialist. It is easily understood that in this way, the plant will always operate under optimum conditions, but also the output data can be continuously optimized as to the parameters of the influent.