Hygrade Products Limited

Hygrade Products Limited

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  • Earthenware


    Vitrified clay pipes, fittings and accessories for domestic, urban and industrial sewerage systems.

  • Pits & Grates

    Pits & Grates

    Small PVC catchment pits, with grates, for domestic water reticulation.

  • Flexible Couplers

    Flexible Couplers

    Rubber couplers with stainless steel clamps and shear bands for repairs and/or jointing of all drainage pipes.

  • Cast Iron

    Cast Iron

    Nation wide coverage of all streetware requirements. Manhole covers, stormwater grates, surface boxes, including “S Mark” products.

  • Ductile Iron

    Ductile Iron

    The premier range of gas and air tight access covers in all load strengths.

  • Valves


    Sluice Valves - resilient seated gate valves with smooth straight-through bore of ductile iron. Service Valves - small bore valves with various jointing combinations.

  • Couplers & Gibaults

    Couplers & Gibaults

    Universal pipe couplers and gibaults, designed to accommodate plain-ended pipes with different outside diameters, thus reducing stocks.