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  • Ion Exchange

    Ion Exchange

    The ion exchange process allows the selective extraction of salts from water: softening, decarbonation, demineralization. nce correctly prefiltered, the raw water feeds under pressure the ion exchange line which may include the following units: Cation exchanger, Gas remover, Anion exchanger(s), Polishing ion exchanger.

  • Reverse Osmosis

    Reverse Osmosis

    Reverse osmosis is a separative process allowing the extraction of pure water from a salt solution by diffusion through a thick film membrane. A pretreatment is necessary to avoid fouling phenomena due to suspended solids or chemical scaling. That pretreatment includes two stages: fine filtration and softening or chemical treatment of the water to be deionized. The water then feeds the reverse osmosis unit at a pressure of about 16 to 20 bars to...

  • Product Loss Reduction

    Product Loss Reduction

    Reduce the loss of chemical product by an efficient management of the processing baths and by the installation of recovery techniques: electrolysis,, ultrafiltration, electrodialysis, vacuum evaporation, evapo-concentration, extraction by solvent.