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  • Repair, Reconditioning & Calibration

    Repair, Reconditioning & Calibration

    Repair and reconditioning services are offered for small instruments as well as for microprocessor based instruments for facilitating compliance of statutory norms. Calibration of clients' instruments can be carried out periodically, as per the need. Calibration is traceable to NIST or national calibration agencies. Calibration validates the correctness of data and ensures the credibility of the instruments. These services are provided onsite as well...

  • Consultancy


    iAdept Marketing provides services of measuring, analyzing and predicting the machine condition including ground or building vibration thermal status and noise. Annual Machinery vibration analysis assignments are also taken up besides carrying out machinery fault diagnosis. The company also provides consultancy services for composite condition monitoring requirements, and Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) Studies.

  • Training


    Training is provided to clients' staff for using condition monitoring systems as well as specialized systems like environmental vibration & noise monitoring instrument. ISO level training is given on periodic basis or as required. Demonstration models and interactive training CDs are used to supplement the training.

  • Annual Maintenance Contract

    Annual Maintenance Contract

    In addition to the above services, iAdept Marketing also undertakes annual maintenance contracts. The company ensures maximum uptime of your instruments/ machine operations at highly competitive prices.

  • Specific Benefits of Phase Angle technology

    Specific Benefits of Phase Angle technology

    Phase Angle technology detects fluctuations of motor torque. These fluctuations are caused by mechanical disturbances inside the monitored machine. The path from mechanical impacts to torque is short and direct. The same disturbances cause the change of vibration signatures but in this case whole body of monitoring machine is involved. The vibration signatures can be affected by resonance on machine natural frequencies, etc.

  • Vibration Measurement Frequency Analysis and Diagnosis

    Vibration Measurement Frequency Analysis and Diagnosis

    Vibration analysis can detect developing defects before they cause damages and cause unscheduled downtime. The analysis is part of regular monitoring of machine Vibrations either on 24x7 basis or at scheduled intervals. Trending Vibration levels helps in detecting problems due to bearing or alignment or looseness or unbalance etc etc.

  • Energy Audits and Carbon Management

    Energy Audits and Carbon Management

    An Energy Audit is a great tool to optimize energy consumption of any facility. As this is the single largest expense in a plant its optimization means reduction in expenses. Additionally reduced energy consumptions mean lower emissions and healthier environment. For large consumers of energy this could also mean carbon management and achieving carbon neutrality or earning of carbon credits.

  • Premises and Machine Sound and Noise Analysis

    Premises and Machine Sound and Noise Analysis

    Sound generated by equipment is a great signature for analyzing equipment health and source of abnormalities. In that context we carry out analysis of sound to identify the source of machine problems. We use different kind of sound analysis techniques including Octave analysis. Applications of these techniques are of great relevance in analyzing defects of sealed system like gear boxes and bearings.

  • Thermography


    This technique is very widely used to locate overheating contacts fire Hazards, hot machine parts, and defects. To detect energy losses or improper heat balance in Buildings /Data centers. Support Service for Plant Assurance and Medical Teams.

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  • LabVIEW - Programming Services

    LabVIEW - Programming Services

    Documented and efficient solutions with LabVIEW. Experience, practice, competence, professional documentation, easy operation. We provide efficient solutions! Our strengths are new developments of custom software and the modification of existing applications. We create your LabVIEW program by NI certified developers, offer specifications, develop concepts and implement your custom solution quickly and efficiently. Our certified LabVIEW...

  • Acoustic Camera for Renting Services

    Acoustic Camera for Renting Services

    You can buy or rent acoustic cameras. A rental system is perfect for the entry into acoustic visualization technology. You are interested in acoustic cameras for weeks or months to test this technology in your company or at customer places? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer realtime