IBERDROLA is one of the world’s leading private energy groups with a presence in approximately 40 countries and on four continents. It is the largest wind energy producer in the world, with 4,100+ MW, one of the leading international developers of combined cycles, with approximately 10,000 MW under management, the lowest-emission generator in Spain, and one of the most environmentally-respectful in Europe: 247 grams of CO2 per kWh in 2006

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Plaza Euskadi, 5 , BILBAO (Bizkaia) , 48009 Spain

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Business Type:
Service provider
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Energy - Renewable Energy
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
Over 1000
more than 1,000,000,000 €

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The world leader in wind power. One of the top electric utilities in the world. Spain's number one energy group

IBERDROLA has undergone a wide-ranging transformation over the last ten years which has enabled it to advance through the ranks to become the number one Spanish energy group, one of the Spanish main companies on the Ibex 35 by market capitalisation, the world leader in wind energy, and one of the world's top power companies.

We have achieved this position by means of a long-term industrial project which is sound, profitable and creates value, rooted in a strategy of sustainable growth, and by working every day to offer more respectful energy sources. After more than 150 years moving forward, the Company has now laid the firm foundations for its future growth.

At IBERDROLA we are proud of ourselves and of the future we are building. We have done a good job. And we will continue to do a great job to meet the new challenges facing us.

Our History

A large company whose commitment to social development is reflected in the documentary directed by Julio Medem, Iberdrola in the days of the Waltz Open in new window., and in the new campaign We are with you, which reveals the ongoing work that will enable us to continue making history together.

Since the incorporation of HIDROELÉCTRICA IBÉRICA in 1901 —integrated since 1944 into IBERDUERO—, and later of HIDROELÉCTRICA ESPAÑOLA in 1907, up to their merger in 1991, creating today's IBERDROLA, both companies shared a history of accomplishments, recognition and innovation. With the integration of ScottishPower and IBERDROLA USA (before Energy East), and the consequent creation of a large global group, this past has been enriched: IBERDROLA’S roots now sink into the 21st century, to the other side of the Atlantic. In pursuit of its aims, IBERDROLA has embarked on a fresh phase of growth in 2011, mainly in the international sphere, and has signalled its intentions with the purchase of the Brazilian company Elektro.

International expansion has increased in 2012 developing numerous projects on distribution, renewable energy and R&D, and reaching new areas like the Middle East, when highlights the initiative to install smart grid in Qatar.

This pioneering effort was the inspiration that has turned IBERDROLA into one the four largest electricity companies in the world and the top energy group in our country.

The combination of endeavour, talent, experience and competitiveness from this integration has resulted in a group active in nearly 40 countries with 30,764 employees(*) and over to 30 million customers. With numerous challenges on the horizon and a large project pipeline, IBERDROLA is set to continue making history.

Vision and Values

IBERDROLA works to be an energy Company committed to ethics and respect for the environment as the foundation for a sense of belonging and for the trust of all persons and its various stakeholders. This is reflected in the Company's vision, which applies in full to the IBERDROLA Group:

“We aspire to be the preferred Global Energy Company because of our commitment to the creation of value, quality of life, the safety of people and of supply, the protection of the environment and customer focus'.

IBERDROLA’s vision, which brings together the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainability, is based on six values representing firm commitments of the Company:

Corporate ethics and responsibility
IBERDROLA is committed to the best corporate governance practices, to principles of business ethics, and to transparency in all of the Company’s fields of endeavor.

IBERDROLA acts in furtherance of the corporate interest, understood as the common interest of all shareholders of an independent corporation (sociedad anónima) oriented towards the exploitation of its corporate purpose, pursuant to applicable law and the Corporate Governance System. The foregoing should not inhibit the consideration of the other public or private legitimate interests involved in the conduct of any business activity.

IBERDROLA is a Company that becomes involved in and learns from the cultural and social realities of the communities in which it has a presence.

The Corporate Governance System and responsible behavior by all those who form a part of IBERDROLA is an ever-present guideline for action, which constitutes one of the most distinctive features of IBERDROLA’s personality.

Economic results
IBERDROLA’s commitment to achieve the growth and profitability objectives spelled out in the Company’s Strategic Plan is the method to ensure the success of the corporate plan and to meet the demands and expectations of all groups involved in the present and the future of IBERDROLA; within the framework of a diversified Group, organized around the parent company and the various companies that lead each business and are subject to the Group’s common policies, in the interest of IBERDROLA and of all the companies that form part thereof.

Respect for the environment
The focus on the development of clean energy and respect for the environment are some of the pillars of IBERDROLA’s company model and the factors that distinguish our Group as one of the world’s leading energy companies in the 21st century.

Sense of belonging and trust
IBERDROLA strives to establish firm and permanent ties with its stakeholders, thus building a sense of belonging to an excellent Company, of which such stakeholders feel an integral part and in whose plan they feel involved.

By means of ongoing dialogue, IBERDROLA wants to be a company capable of inspiring trust among all those who participate in and deal with the Company.

Safety and reliability
IBERDROLA strives to offer its energy supply and to carry out the other activities undertaken by the Group within a safe and reliable environment. People’s safety at the Group’s facilities, in surrounding areas and among customers, as well as the development and dissemination across the entire Group of the best practices in the area of safety and prevention, are essential components of its processes.

Customer focus
IBERDROLA strives to know the needs and expectations of its customers, and seeks a continuous improvement of their level of satisfaction and their attachment to the Company. IBERDROLA’s objective is to provide the highest service quality while complying with its regulatory obligations.

The commitments assumed by IBERDROLA in the Company’s vision and values, far from being a mere statement of principles, apply to its daily practice and are part of the day-to-day management of the IBERDROLA Group in all its areas of activity.