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Ibexis Technologies

IBEXIS TECHNOLOGIES is a leading provider of innovative sensory networking, remote data acquisition, monitoring and control products, systems and solutions. Capable of supporting a variety of lead industry specific protocols, our solutions are used to remotely monitor and control industrial equipment (e.g. HMI’s and PLCs), sensors, probes as well as management and supervisory systems. Our product and services portfolio is comprised of our IM SERIES Hardware and Systems product range, Enterprise Monitoring Software Suite, Managed Services, System Integration Services and Hardware and Software Product Development expertise.

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Station House, Connaught Road , Brookwood , England GU24 0ER United Kingdom

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Software vendor
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Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We have clients in a variety of industries including the Environmental, Building and Construction, Energy and Industrial sectors and they utilise our expertise to:

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction Levels
  • Significantly Reduce Operational Costs
  • Improve Health and Safety in the Work Place
  • Lower their Organisation’s Carbon Footprint
  • Execute their CSR Strategies
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Having an open systems approach enables our solutions to not only readily integrate into existing customer environments, but also extends (and often enhances) the capability of on-site systems to remote users who can securely access, control and monitor such systems using their laptop or smart device and also receive any relevant warnings and alerts.

Our vision at IBEXIS TECHNOLOGIES is to “Make the World a Better Place using Monitoring Technology” as we strongly and passionately believe that using this technology will enable the better use of scarce resources, increase productivity, better protect our planet and environment within which we live and maximise the time that we are able to spend with our friends and colleagues.

This belief is also embodied in our motto and slogan which is to “Control your world, where ever you are.”

IBEXIS TECHNOLOGIES’ mission is “To be recognised as the world’s leading provider of innovative, remote monitoring and control solutions as well as sensory network technology, applications, products and services”.

To achieve this objective we will:

  1. Design and develop world leading, state of the art, products and services that remotely monitor, control and manage systems, equipment and processes.
  2. Form Strategic Partnerships with specialist companies who can add substantial value to our customers’ business and activities
  3. Build, leverage and offer world class support to our Alliance Partner Network
  4. Provide Customer Service Excellence.

By embarking on this mission we believe that we are at start of an exciting journey that will benefit all our customers and the wider society in which we operate.

At IBEXIS TECHNOLOGIES we have eight core values which are central to all our activities and customer engagement and are detailed below.


We respect nature, its environs and use its resources sparingly.


We work to improve the communities in which we operate.


We act and seek to be beyond reproach.


We are creative and bring ideas to life with passion.


We always act in good faith and are transparent in our actions.


We are straight forward and do not knowingly seek to mislead.


We treat others how we would like to be treated.


We remove complexity and place customers at the centre of all our thinking, strategy and actions.

We are committed to deliver an exceptional customer experience for our clients and this is underpinned by our three customer commitments:

  • Innovative products and services which are easy and intuitive to use
  • Ensuring all products and services offer best value for money
  • Service Excellence and Continuous Improvement

These are explained in more detail below.


Our hardware products have a unique design and incorporate our MSP technology which combines data acquisition and process capabilities, communications, high processing power and a variety of interfaces into a single compact unit.

An Open Systems Architecture as this enables all our hardware products to:

(a)     Support for a wide range of standard industry protocols

(b)     Integrate, monitor and control a wide and ever increasing range of equipment (sensors, devices, meters, machinery, system) supplied by leading manufacturers.


All our products are modular in nature while being able to seamlessly interface with other products within our portfolio. Hence our customers are able to choose the products that best meets their immediate requirements while being able to upgrade extremely cost effectively in the future.

IBEXIS TECHNOLGIES products manufactured using ISO 9001 accredited processes and procedures.


Our products allow us to design highly cost effective solutions as the number of components required to develop a system is greatly reduced when compared to traditional design approaches.

They also allow us to be confident that our solutions also have the lowest total cost of ownership possible.

Furthermore, all IBEXIS TECHNOLOGIES products and solutions are underpinned by our “never knowingly undersold” commitment which means that we guarantee to be cheaper than any other equivalent product or solution that offers comparable benefits and/or features to our own.


Our Alliance Partner Model is unique in the industry as our Alliance Partners are incentivised to deliver high quality services to customers within their country or region and this we monitor closely.

Alliance Partners are also encouraged to share their experience across our network thereby enabling our customers to benefit from our full range products and services and also their individual expertise.