IceTech A/S was formed in 1998 to design and manufacture high-performance dry ice blasting equipment - a revolutionary alternative to traditional methods for industrial cleaning of production equipment. The company is based in Bramming, Denmark, and supplies a worldwide customer base with a range of high-quality dry ice blasting products for cleaning off coatings such as adhesives, varnish, oil, grease, coal dust, soot, mould release agents and bitumen.

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Industrivej 62 , Bramming , DK-6740 DK-6740 Denmark

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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)
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IceTech was formed in 1998 to design and manufacture reliable, high-performance dry ice blasting equipment, with the goal of becoming the world’s leading solution provider of dry ice blasting systems and technology. Over all those years we have gained the respect of our customers who have come to regard IceTech solutions as second to none. But how did we get here and why have our solutions been so sought after?

We started out as an industrial cleaning contractor, working in some of the world’s toughest environments and at a time when the technology was absolutely unknown. This experience gave us first-hand knowledge of how to solve the most complex application challenges. As a contractor, we originally bought machines from others, which gave us a detailed knowledge of the market we’re now in. We discovered that some of the machines we bought had a very high cleaning performance, but they were unreliable. Other machines were somewhat more reliable but cleaned much too slowly. There were simply no machines on the market that did a great job in both areas, so that’s exactly what IceTech set out to provide. And that’s of course what we still make today: a wide range of high-quality, cost-effective, time-saving dry ice blasting equipment that is simply the most economical on the market.

Always listening to our customers’ needs and bringing understanding and solutions to the toughest of those challenges has always been an IceTech hallmark, so the next logical step for us was to develop the world’s most efficient automated cleaning equipment and dry ice production equipment too. By combining an experienced understanding of the market’s needs and our dedicated engineering team’s capabilities in dry ice blasting equipment IceTech has launched a full range of semi-and fully-automated equipment as well as a wide range of Ice production equipment.

Ultimately, our equipment has been copied across the globe and yet we continue to outgrow our competitors by a significant margin, because the real competitive advantage is not just the innovation we put in our products but much more critically the unparalleled expertise our people bring to our customers each and every day.

With our roots firmly planted in Bramming, Denmark, a beautiful small town where thinking deeply and fair and friendly service are still appreciated, IceTech has grown into a market leader with facilities around the globe. IceTech now supplies a world-class customer base with excellent service 24/7 to keep their plants up and running reliably and smoothly, around the clock and around the world.

By 2015 we want:

  • To be regarded by our customers as their strategic partner for dry ice requirements
  • To earn the privilege of being the highest valued company in the Dry Ice equipment industry
  • To establish a significant market position within our 35 targeted countries.

Our hardware can always be copied but our business value as a strong partner will be seldom equaled. We earnestly welcome the opportunity to earn our target customer’s respect by working alongside them to solve their toughest challenges. We have the necessary capabilities to understand their real needs and to quickly solve their most critical and most demanding challenges in intelligent, efficient and economical ways.

We continuously strive to deepen, broaden and expand the limits of our application experience from these critical customer engagements and we use this knowledge to develop, improve, and codify our knowledge into standardized/productized application solutions which when taken collectively form an unparalleled knowledge base of critical application solutions.

We leverage our knowledge to:

  • Help our employees become the unequaled experts in our field
  • To drive our new product/service/solution innovation efforts
  • To bring the best solutions to target customers

And for the exceptional value we create for our strategic customers we expect to earn a reasonable premium, hence we can never be ‘cheap’ but then market leaders never are.


Application Knowledge:
The ability to transform specific application experiences into standardized solutions for industry

Business Model:
The business system to identify, qualify, acquire, and retain customers at a comparatively and competitively faster rate, more efficiently, and at a lower cost, while constantly improving our mix of capabilities and successes

Engineering Innovation:
Expertise in product design (high level of innovation) which provides target customer segments with the best in place cost solutions

Value Creation:
Through these three platforms we intend to deliver an unparalleled value proposition to our target customer segments and superior returns to our stakeholders.