IDC Ltd provides access to finance and risk management throughout the project life cycle, using culturally appropriate and sustainable solutions. IDC is a boutique consultancy that has operated globally since 1997 with a focus on sustainable development in the emerging markets and most especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. • IDC’s international experience in sustainable development practice, combined with local knowledge, ensures that all safeguards required by international financial institutions can be met to access funds for Project development. • The rigorous participation process IDC employs with all stakeholders provides buy-in to projects, mitigates risk and enables smooth delivery through construction, operations and closure. • IDC works to mainstream sustainable practice throughout organisations by developing and using bespoke training programmes in both English and local languages.

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Ground Floor 369 Kilwa House Toure Drive , Dar es Salaam , 000000 Tanzania

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Consulting firm
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Environmental - Environmental Management
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Internationally (various countries)
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We recognize that every industry, location, and operating environment are unique. IDC consultancies commence with desk research and ground-scoping core issues, multi-level stakeholder mapping, and development of quantitative and qualitative survey instruments. Recruitment and training of field workers for polyangulated data collection and participatory consultations are intrinsic to the process.

Whilst other consultancies rely heavily on importing a large pool of foreign consultants for short periods of time, we believe that to develop the trust, co-operation, and active participation required to achieve our clients’ goals we must work on the ground with local people.

By interfacing and listening to the concerns, hopes and aspirations of affected communities, we achieve buy-in to any activity. Every field consultation is efficiently captured and research is succinctly analysed by our back office teams using IDC’s ‘Grand Matrix’, with rigorous quality assurance. The process ultimately ensures the delivery of holistic, culturally appropriate and cost effective solutions.

IDC Ltd and Associates have experience all over Africa in a range of industry sectors ensuring their sustainability and compliance with international safeguards to access international funding for

  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Agriculture & Livestock
  • Industrial Processing
  • Renewable Energies
  • Forestry
  • The Media
  • Tourism

We have experience globally working on a range of major infrastructure projects and public private partnerships ensuring compliance to the international safeguards of the major development banks

  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Railways
  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Dams

We are experienced in working with donors and National Governments

  • Designing Programmes
  • Policy Development
  • Managing Programmes
  • Stakeholder Workshops
  • Developing Business Cases
  • Mid-Term Reviews
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring & Evaluation

All of IDC’s activities are implemented to ensure the highest level of International Best Practice compliance, particularly to IFC, Equator Principles and World Bank standards. Our services incorporate the full spectrum of activities related to any form of project development in the emerging markets, including:

  • Legislative Reviews
  • Environmental & Social Scoping
  • Baseline Studies
  • Environmental & Socio-Economic Assessments
  • Management Plans
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plans
  • Resettlement Action Plans
  • Influx Management
  • Local Content
  • IFC Replacement Value Assessments
  • Environmental & Social Management Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Local Capacity Building
  • Livelihood Development
  • Human Rights
  • Millenium Development Goals
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Community Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Reputation Management
  • Film Documentaries
  • Planning, Development, & Implementation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Corporate Training
  • Conference Planning & Development

IDC incorporates a range of culturally appropriate, cost effective and creative solutions to meet our client’s challenges. Managing contracts for both the private and public sectors, IDC ensures that each client successfully implements their project, adheres to International Best Practices, and delivers equitable and sustainable solutions.

IDC has a proven track record in aligning International Best Practice safeguards with project components. All our projects are delivered to the highest world standards set out by International Donors and International Financial Institutions, such as IFC. This ensures clients are always able to seek international funding, develop sustainable management plans and serve as role models for future projects.

Operating in Tanzania since 2011, our clients and partners to date have been a mixture of international corporations, aid agencies, universities and government, covering a wide range of issues in the development arena, but with a focus on land acquisition and green field development.

African Development Bank

“The level of ambition of disclosure and consultations has exceeded national standards and are well in line with those of the AfDB. AfDB finds that the proceedings have been very extensive, people-centred and very concerned with meeting different target groups' needs and expectations” 

Ms Rachel Aron, Senior Social Development Specialist (African Development Bank), 2012



“Very thorough stakeholder mapping has been pursued by RAP consultants IDC in order not only to investigate income and property standards but also power and gender relations in the affected communities and the opportunities and willingness for pursuing alternative livelihoods. This has contributed to preparing the PAPs for new ways to raise their living standards as well as making EcoEnergy more able to match empowerment programs to the expectations of the PAPs.”

Swedish International Development Agency, November 2012