Idealwater Treatment Systems

Idealwater Treatment Systems

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  • Domestic Treatment Systems

  • Activated Carbon Filtration Systems

    Activated Carbon Filtration Systems

    Activated Carbon: They are usually organic based coals activated particularly by burning coconut under 800°C vapour in the absence of smoke. Activated carbon removes smell, taste and color problems caused by organic substances. It adsorbes substances like chlorine, chlorine compounds, detergent, petroleum, industrial wastes, solvents and asbestos. All the control valves used in Ideal AC Series systems do the service and backwash processes...

  • Automatic Softening Systems

    Automatic Softening Systems

    Softening: It is the removal of hardness in water caused by calcium and magnesium ions using cationic resin. Hard water causes calcification on the surfaces of steam cauldrons, heaters and hot water installations. This way their cross-section get narrower, important transfer losses and energy consumption occurs. ASC and AS Series softening systems are used to protect your heating devices and installations from calcification and to derive soft and good...