IDModeling, Inc.

IDModeling is a specialized service company delivering hydraulic modeling solutions for proactive decision making towards the growth and maintenance of our rapidly aging and increasingly stressed water and wastewater infrastructure. IDModeling leverages current investments to one, aggregated data source for products & services relating to: Water Distribution, Sewer Collection System, and Recycled Water Distribution Modeling Utilizing the latest advances in modeling software, complemented with core-competencies in GIS and CAD as database & mapping foundations, and referencing years of Master Plan, utility operations, and software training experience, IDModeling provides products & services in the areas of: Hydraulic Model Construction, System Calibration, Master Plan Level Analysis, Operational Evaluations, Hydraulic Model Software Training, Model-Specific Software & Tools, GIS & Map Integrations & Interfacing.

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55 East Huntington Drive, Suite 130 , Arcadia , California 91006 USA

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Business Type:
Service provider
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Water and Wastewater - Water Utilities
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

What We Believe
At IDModeling, we believe that we can be more, together. We believe in connectedness, and the flow of water, information, and communication, to help water utility professionals deliver solutions, with consensus, that they can have confidence in. We have worked in the water industry for years, and witnessed firsthand, the need to share better data, and communicate. To see more, do more, and be more – together.
Information is more powerful when it’s current, shared, and acted on. We believe that through connected networks of water and people, we can contribute to a mission greater than ourselves to make a positive impact on the lives and world around us.

Our Story
IDModeling leverages water/wastewater utility data to create hydraulic model solutions for infrastructure, energy, quality, and water resource management. We apply our focus to water distribution, sewer collection, and recycled water systems, bringing condition and performance-based analytics to the global water industry.

Background: Since 2004, we’ve worked closely with water/wastewater utilities, and we understand the challenges of accessing relevant, current information. Those challenges impact water efficiency, system performance, growth and sustainability, emergency response, and ultimately, customer safety and resulting water bills.

Our Focus: Our unique focus on hydraulic modeling requires us to synthesize data from different departments such as engineering, operations, water quality, maintenance, and customer service, to analyze water/wastewater systems, prioritize action, and improve performance. Through this experience, we’ve worked extensively with today’s desktop, static, and disconnected information systems to create critical decision support tools to justify and drive operational and planning decisions.

What We’ve Learned: We’ve learned firsthand, that data coming from disconnected information systems, also comes from disconnected water utility departments – professionals with institutional knowledge struggling to benefit from shared experience because they lack the tools, the unifying platform, and the relevant data to do so.

Sedaru – What Happens Next™
On-demand, water network analytics served by consumer-grade technology will be required operations for the 21st century utility as utilities face the ever-increasing challenges of more stringent policies, water scarcity, and an aging workforce. Developed and powered by IDModeling, Sedaru is What Happens Next when water utilities need to make the right decisions.

With connected decision support analytics, Sedaru creates findable, shareable, and actionable insights for any role within the utility, including Management, Engineering, Operations, Water Quality, Maintenance, and Customer Service.

Sedaru allows utilities to leverage the data and systems they have to achieve a smart water network, one in which they can communicate in real-time. Utilities using Sedaru can even defer costs of additional sensors to better manage cash flow.

By sharing predictive analytics in real-time across the smart water network, utilities can become more accountable – for their capital investments, for the actions personnel take, and for the impacts operations have on customers, finances, and the environment.

With Sedaru, utilities can make better decisions using current information, faster and more proactively than ever before. In the office or in the field, Sedaru’s intuitive and portable dashboard interface works seamlessly with everyday devices, including laptops, tablets and smart phones. Sedaru is easy-to-use, mobile, social, and configures to any user within minutes.

About Us
Founded in 2004 to serve the water/wastewater industry, IDModeling delivers software and services for water operations and planning to utilities across North America. We are water industry veterans with expertise in the fields of utility operations, maintenance, and asset management, with a passion for hydraulics, GIS, mobile, social, and web-based technologies. We consistently contribute to industry best practices through publications, presentations, user groups, industry expert webcasts, and training.

We develop and operate Sedarū® as the software for the water industry to share, analyze, and interact with data in new and inspiring ways. Sedarū is utility management software that connects water professionals, and is the one location where people and data communicate, anticipate water operations, and solve water problems for energy, quality, water resource, and asset management initiatives.

We are entrepreneurial in spirit, ambitious in thought, creative in work, and generous in action, with our team, our customers, our partners, and our industry.

To be recognized as the standard by which infrastructure data models are created, maintained, learned, and applied towards consist improvement in our enterprise business.