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  • Industrial Field

  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

    The range of plants includes chemical-physical plants and biological plants, single oxidation stage and double oxidation stage. If requested, Idroconsult can install in its plants a remote control and monitoring system.

  • Special Plants

    Special Plants

    Idroconsult has developed and acquired deeper skill in various sectors, thus enabling the company to expand the range and typology of systems produced. Thanks to thirty years of experience in the plant-engineering field, Idroconsult can also accomplish extremely customised solutions, facilitating their clients even the most complex or articulated situations.

  • DE - Ironing

    DE - Ironing

    The Iron is one of the most difficult contaminants to remove because it may change the valence state. When oxygen or an oxidizing agent is introduced, iron precipitates, leading to a rusty appearance in water. Iron can create havoc with valves, plumbing, water treatment equipment and water using devices (like car wash systems). Certain bacteria forms with iron a rusty, gelatinous sludge that can plug the water pipes.

  • Model SM Series - Reverse Osmosis Plants

    Model SM Series - Reverse Osmosis Plants

    The salts of calcium, magnesium, iron, silica, manganese, barium, chlorides, in combination with carbonates, bicarbonates and sulphates are present in the water pumped from the wells, in increasing amounts. That causes fouling, scaling in the cooling circuits, reduces the heat transfer in the steam generators, causing pollution in groundwater. Based on molecular separation, Reverse Osmosis process allows to obtain the purest water, eliminating up to...

  • Purifying System

    Purifying System

    Idroconsult has produced many systems aimed at supplying drinking water for human use. Water supply problems lead to the exploitation of strata which, in terms of quantity and quality, present concentrations of salts that are not suitable for human consumption. The solutions that the company may adopt depend on the type of water involved and globally cover all treatment technologies.

  • Potabilization Containerized Plants

    Potabilization Containerized Plants

    Idroconsult can provide its drinkable water production plants as containerized units. The plant with this type of arrangement includes artificial lighting, artificial ventilation, fast electrical and hydraulical connections for easy installation. Upon request it is possible to provide the system with cooling unit and thermal insulation for its walls. The containerized unit can be provided with a RINA certification for shipping transport, too.

  • Ultrafiltration Under Vacuum System

    Ultrafiltration Under Vacuum System

    This technology is winning great market success thanks to its economic price and to its ease of cleaning. The typology most adopted by Idroconsult is that with hollow fibres. The chemical inertia remains high, as the materials utilised are mainly PP and PE. This is the most suitable choice for high treatment capacities. The system generally used by our company entails the use of ultra-filtration membranes with hollow fibres, which are immersed in the...

  • Ultrafiltration Under Pressure System

    Ultrafiltration Under Pressure System

    The most commonly used ultrafiltration technology currently available is that carried out under pressure, utilising wound spiral membranes or ones with hollow fibres, depending on the specific case. Ceramic versions are particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical and foodstuff sector, thanks to the possibility to purify at high temperatures. This process generally works at low pressure with high specific flow rates. The wound spiral configuration...

  • Stripping Towers

    Stripping Towers

    To complete its water conditioning systems or as stand-alone units, Idroconsult is also able to offer stripping towers of various potentials. Our company has acquired a certain amount of experience in the stripping of carbon dioxide and ammonia. The stripping towers are mainly sold as post-conditioners for osmosis systems or as pre-conditioners for well water, whether this is to be reclaimed or otherwise. The towers are made of inert material and are...