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  • Groundwater Circulation Wells

  • Alcohol Flushing

    Alcohol Flushing

    The remediation of a chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC) contaminated aquifer always contains a risk, because of the possibility of uncontrolled downwards mobilization of the CHC into deeper parts of the aquifer. This scenario would be even more harmful to the environment. The application of well known remediation techniques for CHC as e. g. pump-and-treat is not useful because of its extremely long duration caused by the low solubility of CHC.

  • Microbiological Enhanced Groundwater Circulation Well (mGCW)

    Microbiological Enhanced Groundwater Circulation Well (mGCW)

    Due to the minimal environmental impact and low cost of implementation, biological remediation technologies have become increasingly popular during the last few years. In an ideal case, depending on the type of contaminants on the site, naturally occurring microorganisms degrade organic compounds to carbon dioxide and water. The rate of biodegradation is determined by the existing chemical and physical conditions. The goal of in-situ biological...

  • Soil Circular Flushing Well

    Soil Circular Flushing Well

    In the unsaturated zone, bioremediation is critically affected by the soil moisture content. For most natural biological degradation processes, the optimal water content is in range between 50% - 80%. With the Soil Circular Flushing Wella vertical multi-phase flow increases the saturation of water in the unsaturated zone. The remaining volatile hydrocarbons are either removed by in-situ stripping in the well, adsorbed on an optional activated carbon...