IET-Aquaresearch Ltd is committed to quality and excellence and has a policy of continuous improvement. We are dedicated to providing ecologically sound and cost-effective systems, based on ECOPROBIOTICS, ecological engineering and biological solutions, to optimize wastewater treatment and to contribute to restoring the quality of our planet`s precious water supply and to protect the Earth and its habitants. IET-Aquaresearch, founded in 1984, develops and applies biological solutions to what appears to be ever increasing pollution. We have been providing cost-effective biological solutions to environmental challenges, on five continents. This has allowed us to understand the limits, as well as the possibilities that applied microbial ecology can bring to our common universal heritage “ The Earth and its habitants”.

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27 Route 143 South P.O. Box 2680 , North Hatley , Quebec J0B 2C0 Canada

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Water and Wastewater - Water Utilities
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Nationally (across the country)
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Company History

Aerial view of IET-Aquaresearch Ltd
IET-Aquaresearch Ltd is situated on 111 acres by North Hatley, Quebec, Canada. Private woodlands, more than 5 acres of lake and ponds surround the headquarters. IET-Aquaresearch Ltd was incorporated, in 1984, by its owners Dr. Marie-Claude Cantin and Dr. Karl F. Ehrlich, as an outgrowth of Le Centre de Recherche Environnementale. The founders expertise in culture of aquatic and marine organisms, at the base of food webs, was the origin of corporate development.

The first activities of the company concerned the development of a commercial aeroponic system for plant production and a commercial fish hatchery, based on the water recirculation, for smallmouth bass. The concept of using aeroponically grown plants to treat the wastewater from fish production led to the development of biofilters and microbial inoculants to hasten filter start up and to optimize the water quality in aquacultural production.

Bacta-Pur® ECOFILTRE in our private lake

The result of these activities was the development and the commercialization of the Bacta-Pur System, natural non-toxic, non-chemical solution to environmental pollution, which have become the cutting edge of cost effective solutions for restoring and protecting the water quality. The Bacta-Pur System includes the ECOPROBIOTICS (beneficial communities of natural micro-organismes), the ECOPREBIOTICS (nutrients for the growth of beneficial cultures) and the family of the equipment, the BACTIVATOR, for optimization of physiological condition of ECOPROBIOTICS and their automized addition.
Dr. Marie-Claude Cantin & Dr. Karl F. Ehrlich receiving the award for Environmental Excellence

IET Aquaresearch Ltd was the only company working in environmental probiotics to participate in the Team Canada trade mission to Asia, in 1997, to expand exports. In 2001, IET-Aquaresearch Ltd won the Grand Prize for environmental excellence from the Environmental Estern Township Foundation in Quebec, for 18 years of helping improving environmental quality. IET-Aquaresearch Ltd has its own research and development facilities and finances its research and development programs to stay on the cutting edge of rapidly developing fields of applied microbial ecology for wastewater treatment, water quality improvement in aquaculture, water bodies restoration, biodegradation of organic industrial waste. IET-Aquaresearch Ltd has conducted research with groups such as the Canadian National Research Council (CNRC), Massachusetts School of Pharmacy, other universities and leading private companies.

ECOPROBIOTICS are beneficial communities of natural water purifying microbes, which improve ecosystem health while increasing biodiversity and reducing costs of environmental protection. ECOPROBIOTICS are based on use of life forms to provide positive benefits. This is as opposed to the use of toxic chemicals and antibiologicals. Probiotics comes from Greek pro (for) biosis (life).

Our company is founded on the principle that a key to environmental restoration is regarding pollution as a misplaced resource. Ecological design and ECOPROBIOTICS can integrate natural processes not only to abate pollution but also to improve aquacultural and agricultural production and to reduce greatly costs of wastewater treatment. ECOPROBIOTICS cultures of Bacta-Pur system are composed of beneficial communities of water purifying microorganisms, which have been on earth for millions of years. All we do is grow them in the right proportions to produce powerful teams to improve water quality and accelerate the transformation of organic wastes into biomass, carbon dioxide and water. ECOPROBIOTICS are purely natural and beneficial. They will NEVER contain added chemicals such as surfactants, emulsifiers or enzyme. ECOPROBIOTICS will NEVER contain genetically engineered organisms nor organisms, which have been deliberately mutated. There are enough natural and beneficial organisms in the world. We do not need to create new ones just because it is possible or fashionable. ECOPROBIOTICS are safe. Disease causing organisms are never used, as others do or permit. We work under a policy of continuous improvement and optimization, and our approach to quality driven by standards of excellence.

The effectiveness & repeated success of the Bacta-Pur is dependent upon the consistent quality of Bacta-Pur cultures. This is a function of our rigorous production and quality assurance and control procedures and attention to details. IET Aquaresearch Ltd currently produces twenty different products. All ECOPROBIOTICS are liquid suspensions of naturally occurring microorganisms in a dormant state with the highest guaranteed concentrations on the market. ECOPREBIOTICS were developed to provide essential nutrients and minerals for the microbial communities. All manipulations during the production follow strict procedures, including disinfection of raw materials, process water and equipment to limit the introduction of any contamination.

Our production facility

IET Aquaresearch Ltd sets and maintains the highest standards for quality assurance and control. EVERY PRODUCTION, of Bacta Pur products, is analyzed and cleared for shipment ONLY after passing all performance tests and being CERTIFIED PATHOGEN FREE using techniques from the food industry. ECOPROBIOTICS cultures are checked to assure absence of common pathogens to human and fishes following standard techniques. While regulations apply only to Salmonella sp., the QA/QC program goes way beyond legal requirements. We have, for years, tested to assure absence of many other pathogens including: Listeria monocytogenes, E. coli, Vibrio sp., Aeromonas hydrophyla, Pseudomonas sp., Streptococcus sp., Bacillus anthracis & Bacillus cereus, fecal coliforms, fungi & yeast.

Our QC laboratory

Our production and detailed QA/QC procedures assure consistency from batch to batch. Quality assurance program assures that all steps of culture reach the standards of cell count, performance and absence of pathogens. The goal of quality assurance is to guarantee reliable and high performance cultures. The viability and performance of ECOPROBIOTICS are guaranteed for five years after bottling. Each bottle has a lot number for traceability and a BEST BEFORE sticker. Only Class 1 (non pathogenic) microorganisms are used to produce ECOPROBIOTICS. Furthermore, no organisms, which have been deliberately mutated or undergone genetic engineering are ever used.