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  • Hawkeye - Model 2i/s - Sewer Level Monitoring

    Hawkeye - Model 2i/s - Sewer Level Monitoring

    IETG successfully launched HΛWKEYE in 2004 as a proven and unequalled solution designed to reduce pollution incidents and improve management of sewerage networks. Water companies across the UK and Europe have been enjoying the benefits of the HΛWKEYE system, which has grown to play a fundamental role in their waste water /CSO monitoring programmes, helping them to mitigate pollution incidents and improve sewer management.

  • ADS - Model 3600 and 3601 - Flow Shark

    ADS - Model 3600 and 3601 - Flow Shark

    The ADS Models 3600 and 3601 are specially designed to meet the demands of measuring flow over long-term periods in open channel applications such as wastewater collection, storm, and combined sewer systems.

  • Accusonic - Model 7510 - Flow Monitor

    Accusonic - Model 7510 - Flow Monitor

    The Accusonic Model 7510 Flowmeter is designed for accurate, reliable flow measurement in pressurized pipes, open channels, and gravity-flow pipes flowing partially full through surcharged.

  • Rain Gauges

    Rain Gauges

    Our Rain Gauge is an instrument for determing the depth of precipitation (usually in mm) that occurs over a unit area (usually one metre squared) and thus measuring rainfall amount.

  • Flowhawk


    Flowhawk is designed specifically for use in water and waste water networks, where there is a flow monitoring requirement. The sole objective of the Flowhawk system is to radically reduce the frequency of site visits and the need for manual inspection of the meter.