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  • IHS Health & Safety Solution

    Protect your company’s most valuable asset: your people. The IHS Health and Safety Solution™ streamlines compliance reporting, so you can create a safer workplace. IHS software, content and expertise let you take control of your safety management program by driving proactive decisions to prevent incidents, reduce costs and increase productivity at every organizational, and enterprise-wise. IHS helps you address a broad spectrum of health and safety issues, including: • Incident Mana

  • Industrial Hygiene

    Industrial Hygiene

    IHS enables you to protect workers through the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, prevention and control of occupational hazards. IHS provides the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of your industrial hygiene program and support increased productivity by reducing operational risks and costs.

  • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

    Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

    By performing thorough Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Job Task Analysis (JTA) studies, organizations can ensure that their employees are kept safe, and that both the employees and their related work processes comply with industry safety standards and regulations.

  • Liability Claims and Case Management

    Liability Claims and Case Management

    Processing incident claims can be a time-consuming, labor-intensive process that requires capturing and organizing hundreds or thousands of documents. IHS streamlines case management of occupational, environmental, property damage and general liability claims and helps prevent costly errors and lost information.

  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management

    Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management

    Ensure workplace safety and facilitate timely emergency response with 24/7 access to safety data sheets (SDS) and right-to-know documents. IHS supports your company’s material safety compliance strategy by making SDS and other hazard communication information available at any PC or workstation with an internet connection.

  • Training Management

    Training Management

    Make sure your employee training program runs smoothly to maximize productivity while reducing risks and costs. IHS helps you organize and manage every aspect of employee training, from scheduling and conflict checking to printing certificates.