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  • IHS Operational Risk Solution

    Reduce exposure to costly operational risk and understand your risk profile. The IHS Operational Risk Solution™ empowers executives to make better decisions about resource allocation and so you can improve your business performance. IHS delivers automated tools that help your business address critical concerns, including: • Operational and Quality Risk Assessment • Risk Register • Incident Management: • Corrective and Preventative Actions • Management of Change • Emergency O

  • Corrective and Preventative Actions

    Corrective and Preventative Actions

    IHS empowers companies to facilitate long-term action plans, engage the workforce and enforce personal accountability in order to avoid repeat issues.

  • Emergency Operations

    Emergency Operations

    Be ready when incidents threaten to escalate into disasters. Efficiently manage both routine emergency operations center activities and real-time crisis response operations. IHS saves you time and money while strengthening every phase of emergency planning, preparedness, response and recovery.

  • Incident Management

    Incident Management

    Incidents happen. Manage them and learn from them to protect your people, your operations and the environment. IHS enables comprehensive incident management that integrates root cause analysis with preventative measures so you can minimize disruptions and drive operational excellence.

  • Management of Change

    Management of Change

    Improve safety levels, productivity and product quality, regulatory compliance and environmental performance across your organization while also preserving or enhancing your company’s brand and reputation. IHS supports effective change management programs for any level of risk.

  • Operational and Quality Risk Assessment

    Operational and Quality Risk Assessment

    Standardize risk identification and analysis processes in order to quickly, accurately understand your organization’s risk profile. IHS helps you prevent business disruptions and drive sustainable growth by proactively assessing operational risks, including product quality issues.

  • Risk Analytics

    Risk Analytics

    Today, more leaders of risk and safety performance are extracting measurements from routine operations and safety work practices to improve their performance. IHS provides insight into the repeatable organizational behaviors and leading key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive superior results.

  • Risk Register

    Risk Register

    Prioritize and effectively manage multiple risks by aggregating data across multiple departments, facilities, processes and/or methodologies. IHS provides a central register of significant risks captured through all of your risk assessments so your leaders can make informed decisions.