IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.

IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.

IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide for portable and stationary flue-gas analyzers CEMS. Furthermore, the product range includes leak detectors (HC, refrigerant) and portable Air Quality Detectors. IMR designs and manufactures combustion analyzers for almost 36 years. IMR emission analyzers have earned the respect of the industry as the most reliable analyzers on the market. IMR flue-gas analyzers are designed to rugged and accurate at the same time. They are used by the HVAC industry energy industry, process control, glass industry, food industry, univers ties and everywhere gas analysis is required. IMR manufactures single-cell handheld flue-gas analyzers as well as up to 12-channels of continuous emission monitoring systems CEMS. IMR gas analyzers make use of the latest sensor technology (NDIR, electro-chemical sensors) to measure the flue-gas concentration.

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3632 Central Ave. , Saint Petersburg , Florida 33711 USA
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Air Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. has designed and manufactured combustion analyzers for over 36 years serving customers in 100+ countries around the world. All of our products are made in the USA.

We are one of the leading manufacturers worldwide for portable and stationary Emission-gas analyzers. Our product range also includes leak detectors for combustible gases and refrigerants, Portable Air Quality Detectors.

IMR emission analyzers have earned the respect of the industry as being one of the most reliable analyzers on the market due to the following:
  • Leading edge products (incorporating the latest technology)
  • Rugged & Durable
  • Precise (high level of accuracy)
  • Top of the line technical support 
IMR analyzers can be used in a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications, such as
  • HVAC 
  • Energy 
  • Process Control 
  • Glass Manufacturing 
  • Food 
  • Universities 
  • Everywhere Gas Analysis is required
IMR manufactures and offers single-sensor handheld Flue-Gas Analyzers as well as Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) with up to 12 gas sensors. A continous development of our analyzers and latest sensor technologies (NDIR, electrochemical) make sure that our analyzers have an outstanding reputation all around the world. 

IMR has branches in the most important markets and our products are offered and used in 36 countries by exclusive partners. This success lead to a powerful, reliable and worldwide operating service organization. 

Besides our analyzers we are offering engineering services as well. Customers take more and more use of these services because of our skills and know-how. 

IMR combustion gas analyzers were developed to meet the the requirements of experienced practicians.

Innovative Gas Measuring Technology

IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. one of the top leading manufacturer for combustion gas analyzer is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. Our gas analyzers are state of the art portable and stationary CEMS that are the most reliable, durable and rugged -  yet easy to use for combustion gas analysis with virtually any fuel.

Our high technology gas measuring systems for measuring emissions have gained an outstanding reputation from not only our customers in the U.S. but all around the world.

Our excellent reputation is also based on the powerful, reliable and worldwide operating service organization. IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. has branches in the most important markets and is now covered in 36 different countries by exclusive partners of IMR.

IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. also offers engineer services and has already designed complete mobile measuring laboratories now being used internationally.

Customers take more and more use of these services because of IMR's High-Tech Know-How and well known reliability.



Combustion Gas Analysis Computer from IMR

IMR combustion gas analyzer were developed according to the requirements of experienced practicians and IMR analyzers are measuring instruments which continually and simultaneously measure more values than all measuring instruments before them. Versatility, simple operation, flexibility, wide measuring ranges and extremely high accuracy, all these are advantages of IMR gas analyzer.

The regulations on heating require that heat generating plants be run in such a way that their exhaust losses, related to their heating capacity, do not exceed the values demanded by the law.

Exhaust losses caused by plants which are not optimally adjusted mean high avoidable costs for the operator. The quality of combustion can only be clearly established through exact measurements. IMR combustion gas analyzer measure all parameters necessary to optimize a plant.

Real-life combustion plants cannot make a possible ideal combustion but have to be operated with excess air. Too little excess air means incomplete combustion, soot formation and high CO ratio, whereas too much excess air means unnecessary exhaust losses through heat bound in the exhaust gases.

The simultaneously and continuously display of O2, CO and excess air enables even the non-specialist to optimally adjust a plant and to improve its efficiency.

Useable for All Fuels

Solid, liquid and gaseous fuels have varying calorific values according to quality. To calculate fuel efficiency the IMR analyzers store the most common fuel factors. Among other things the fact whether improvement is made through a blower or atmospherically is taken into account. If desired any other fuel factor can be entered by IMR. Apart from this IMR combustion gas analyzer have programmable storage locations so that the operator himself can enter unusual fuel factors on the job. The fuel factor program is modified according to countries so that for each country the appropriate fuel factors are available.