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  • Devastation hits Japan

    Devastation hits Japan

    Without a doubt, you will have, at some point this weekend, been glued to your TV screens watching images, video clips and listening to the disaster as it unfolds in Japan. The earthquake was the biggest to hit Japan, measuring 8.8, causing ...

    Emma Bett

  • Top tips for a green business

    Top tips for a green business

    International standards experts IMSM regularly visit businesses and organizations to help them achieve ISO14001, the environmental management system. While every business is different, here are some areas to consider when considering “going green”. ...

    Dianne Edgar

  • Cost savings through international systems

    Cost savings through international systems

    The tough economic climate in which we find ourselves has led to business closures, unemployment, and shrunken order books around the world. But for many businesses, it has also inspired proactive managers to take a closer look at how the business ...

    Dianne Edgar

  • Recognising the true value of your company data

    Recognising the true value of your company data

    Newspaper headlines remind businesses daily of the cost of not protecting valuable data. Stories of lap-tops left in trains, or stolen from parked cars, discs and memory sticks being used for home-working, or even print-outs found in rubbish tips, ...

    Dianne Edgar

  • Shaping your business’s future

    Shaping your business’s future

    The Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu wrote in the 5TH century BC, “in difficult ground, keep steadily on the march, on desperate ground, fight”. Whether you view the current economic times as difficult or desperate, it is important to keep a cool ...

    Dianne Edgar

  • Food safety - in everyone’s interests

    Food safety - in everyone’s interests

    In the UK today, there had never been such intense scrutiny of the food we eat, where it came from, how it got there, how it was packaged, prepared, cooked and presented. Everyone wants to know- the whole supply chain, the press, and especially the ...

    Dianne Edgar

  • Planning for disaster recovery

    Planning for disaster recovery

    Q: When is a business disaster not a complete disaster? A: When you have a disaster recovery system in place, of course. The dictionary defines disaster as “an occurrence that causes great distress or destruction”. Any business can be affected by ...

    Dianne Edgar

  • Developing business and saving the planet

    Developing business and saving the planet

    “The environment has no borders, so we all need to show that we are acting responsibly for the future of the planet,” says International Standards experts IMSM’s Michael Bright. Effective environmental management is becoming ever more critical ...

    Dianne Edgar

  • How green is your supply chain?

    How green is your supply chain?

    Over the past ten years, protection of the environment has become a household concern and an industrial priority. Concerns about industrial pollution are often linked with the production of industrial waste and high energy usage. However, not just ...

    Dianne Edgar

  • Managing resources through quality

    Managing resources through quality

    Reducing avoidable costs in the face of global competition, especially from emerging markets, is a must-do, not a maybe” declares IMSM’s Managing Director, Michael Bright. “The price of non-conformance” is used to describe avoidable costs derived ...

  • Secure in quality

    Secure in quality

    ISO 9001 is the most important quality management system in use today. A company that holds ISO 9001 is telling its customers and the world that it has a top quality management system and is totally committed to quality products and services. ...

    Dianne Edgar



    Most people will agree that business is about the satisfaction of a customer need through the supply of goods or services. Generally the motivation is to generate profit - and there is also an expectation of growth over time. Typical business ...

    Dianne Edgar