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  • Membrane and Module Autopsy Services

    Membrane and Module Autopsy Services

    The physical dissection of a reverse osmosis (RO) element or microfiltration/ultrafiltration (MF/UF) module and the resulting analysis of its foulants can be one of the most definitive methods of troubleshooting a system. Identifying the cause of performance loss is only part of this valuable service. Equally important are the recommendations provided in the Avista report which outlines the best course of action in correcting system problems including...

  • Off-Site Cleaning and Restoration (OSCAR)

    Off-Site Cleaning and Restoration (OSCAR)

    Off-Site Cleaning and Restoration (OSCAR) is available when cleaning on-site is not practical or possible. Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes are pre-tested, cleaned and post-tested with the goal of restoring performance to original factory specifications. OSCAR, developed by Avista, uses equipment specifically designed to provide ideal flow rates, water temperature, and cleaning pressures. OSCAR pressure vessels accommodate a maximum of three standard...

  • On-Site Application Services

  • Commissioning Support Services

    Commissioning Support Services

    Ensures feed pumps for antiscalants, biocides, oxygen scavengers and other on-line chemistries are properly installed and calibrated.

  • Chemical Dosing Support Services

    Chemical Dosing Support Services

    Validates that dosage calculations, injection rates and dilutions are correct. This proactive service helps minimize chemical costs and optimize performance.

  • Chemical Application Recommendations

    Chemical Application Recommendations

    Our Chemical Application Recommendations determines the chemical formulations that are right for you to optimize your system and increase membrane life.

  • Pilot Study Services

    Pilot Study Services

    A Pilot Study tests and verifies the efficacy of pretreatment chemicals at various dose rates in order to improve plant operation. Improvements are validated by reductions in particle counts, turbidity and SDI.

  • CIP Cleaning of Membranes Services

    CIP Cleaning of Membranes Services

    On-site application experts are available to provide specific guidance and training on clean-in-place (CIP) procedures to confirm that you are receiving maximum benefit from your cleaning procedure.

  • Chromatic Elemental Imaging Services

    Chromatic Elemental Imaging Services

    Pioneered by Avista Technologies for customers worldwide, Chromatic Elemental Imaging (CEI) is an extremely accurate, high resolution imaging technique that identifies the exact location and concentration of elements in a foulant sample. CEI is excellent for analyzing mixed foulant samples when other analytical tools provide limited results.

  • On-Call Technical Support Services

    On-Call Technical Support Services

    Avista technical personnel are available by phone to answer questions or provide site-specific recommendations to system operators on a variety of technical issues including chemical selection and application, system troubleshooting and cleaning techniques. This assistance helps operators minimize system downtime and ensure optimal plant productivity. Providing our technical advisors with suitable system information (listed below) will allow us to...