Incident Management Solutions (IMS)

Incident Management Solutions is a professional strength emergency response company. Our fully equipped ER vehicles are pre-staged to be ready for your call to an incident scene. Our trained ER technicians employ proven and proactive procedures to contain spills, extract fuel from leaking tanks, and clean up the incident scene as rapidly as possible. IMS also offers licensing packages and currently has offices in Florida, South Carolina, and Ohio to serve you.

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P.O. Box 391 , Minneola , FL 34755 USA

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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Health and Safety
Market Focus:
Regionally (various states or provinces)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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IMS Mission Statement

Our mission is to cut our clients loss and liability after a traffic incident with highly trained personnel by immediate application of proactive procedures and pre-staged state-of-the-art equipment.

Incident Management Solutions (IMS) is an emergency response company. The origination of Incident Management Solutions was a result of the cumulative years of experience in the wrecker and emergency response industries of founder David Yeager.  David identified a growing need for pro-active emergency response at accidents involving heavy trucks and non-hazardous spill sites.  David developed a specially built and equipped ER Truck to bridge the gap between where the fire department completes their duties and remediation companies begin.

Incident Management Solutions is currently serving central Florida, South Carolina and Ohio areas interstates and secondary roadways.  By responding to heavy truck incidents on a 24/7 basis with highly trained staff, the Incident Management Solutions emergency response vehicle has become a welcome site at incident scenes.

IMS at the scene!In 2005, the company adopted a new slogan of “Redefining Emergency Response” to effectively describe our strategy. Our strategy is reflected in our mission statement:

“To cut our clients loss and liability after a traffic incident with highly trained personnel by immediate application of proactive procedures and pre-staged state-of-the-art equipment.”

Incident Management Solutions (IMS) is currently selling licenses of IMS all over the country.   Emergency Response to major truck incidents is a growing need through out the nation and many people may be doing it, but Incident Management Solutions is the only one doing it right the first time.  With our custom ER truck IMS has proven many times that no other environmental company can do what we do and how we do it.  Our program can work for anyone who wants to work and has the enthusiasm to succeed in this business.  When you join the IMS family our corporate office will be there for you day and night for any questions or issues you may have.  Also we will provide a wide array of equipment, supplies, information and personal one on one contact for you to get started with IMS.

Incident Management Solutions

Incident Management Solutions has a very unique and interesting licensing package for individuals looking into becoming an entrepreneur in the environmental field.  IMS looks for individuals who are progressive and out of the box thinkers and also should possess an entrepreneurial spirit and be committed to building a successful business. If you enjoy working with people, learning new skills and are ready for an exciting new challenge, contact us today!

Our license program package comes with an array of products and support to help you succeed in this industry.  Incident Management Solutions will provide you with nationwide accounts from various brokers in the country, and will assist with the marketing in your area.  IMS is a turnkey operation, but if you do not market your business consistently IMS may not work.


Incident Management Solutions will provide:

A custom Emergency Response Truck with all the equipment necessary as seen in the picture to the left.  Except for the scene lights on top of the body and the winch in the front bumper.

We offer location flexibility and an easy-to-run operation built on simplicity and efficiency.

Currently IMS has a  lease/financing program available for our licensee’s.  Here is what it takes to get started and sustain your IMS license a minimum of $170,000.00 depending on credit, and $1,000.00 a month.

Incident Management Solutions is the right company for you, so give us a call 352-242-9621 to speak with someone in regards to becoming a part of the best emergency response company in the nation.