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  • Inciner8 - Ceramic Filters

    Inciner8 - Ceramic Filters

    Ceramic Filtration is one of the best processes for handling flue gases at high temperatures. Utilising. After many years in the industry with a track record second to none we have become the company that existing and new clients from around the world come to for their incineration solutions. On top of supplying a range of standard models we have developed a bespoke service for specialist markets and requirements thus ensuring we cater for the needs...

  • Inciner8 - Activated Carbon Filters

    Inciner8 - Activated Carbon Filters

    Carbon filtering is a method of filtering that uses a bed of activated carbon to remove contaminants and impurities, using chemical adsorption. Each particle, or granule, of carbon provides a large surface area, or pore structure, allowing contaminants the maximum possible exposure to the active sites within the filter media. One gram of activated carbon has a surface area in excess of 3,000 m2 (32,000 sq ft).

  • Inciner8 - Lime Filtration

    Inciner8 - Lime Filtration

    The use of lime for treating flue gases is a proven technology. Flue gas is generated from the thermal treatment process in Energy from Waste plants (EfW) and contains acidic gases such as hydrogen chloride, sulphur dioxide and hydrogen fluoride. The use of lime in the three main flue gas treatment processes of; dry, semi-dry and wet processes shows its flexibility and adaptability in its worldwide application.

  • Inciner8 - CEMS Emissions Monitoring Systems

    Inciner8 - CEMS Emissions Monitoring Systems

    We can provide a range of accredited, portable or continuous emissions monitoring systems which satisfy both operator and regulatory requirements including the waste incineration directive (WID), large combustion plant directive (LCPD) and the newer industrial emissions directive (IED). These systems are currently operational in a number of key industries including hazardous, clinical, and animal waste incineration.