Induron Coatings Inc.

Induron Coatings Inc.

For over six decades, Induron Protective Coatings has manufactured high performance coatings for use in commercial and industrial environments. Whether your need is for new construction or maintenance, Induron Protective Coatings products and systems will provide long term protection and high quality aesthetics. While probably best known for our Protecto401 ceramic epoxy lining product for ductile iron pipe and fittings for sewer service, we also specialize in other high-quality protective coatings used in a variety of other industries. nduron, we invest ourselves in your success, your satisfaction, and your reputation. It’s why—for example—we won’t specify the most expensive option when a more economical solution will suffice. It’s why we’ve even been known to recommend customers postpone projects that we honestly don’t believe need immediate re-coating.

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3333 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd N , Birmingham , Alabama 35234-2303 USA
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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)
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So what can we do to help you succeed? If it takes climbing tanks for closer inspection, we climb tanks. If you need us to drop everything for an impromptu face-to-face, we’re on our way. If you need technical support with any coating-related issue, we’ve got the expertise. And the time. Because at Induron, “getting it right” is who we are. Not just what we do.


Industrial Paint Manufacturing Company. Indurall Paints. Induron Coatings Inc. The name may have changed. But six decades later, we still stand behind our founders’ original mission: “To produce the right finishes for the best long-term results, and to honestly represent them in a technically correct manner.”

Induron was founded in 1947 (on limited capital and vast experience) by William E. Hood and Louis A. Prosch—who were determined to manufacture rust inhibitive primers for the booming steel fabrication industry in Birmingham, Alabama.

By the 1960’s, our expansion into industrial primers and finishes included industrial maintenance coatings, OEM finishes and architectural paints.

Over the decades, family-owned Induron has established more than its share number of industry benchmarks. Architectural paints—like 101 Primer and Monarch Acrylics—with unlimited product warranties. Several breakthrough products utilizing patented coating formulas. High build, high performance products like Ruff Stuff 2100 Coal Tar Epoxy, Ruff Stuff 3300 Epoxy and Protecto 401 Ceramic Epoxy.

Now in its third generation of leadership, Induron’s high performance coatings serve a range of industrial applications broader than our founders ever envisioned. But the core business value of Technical Integrity continues to drive the company today. And tomorrow.