Industrial Ecosystems

Industrial Ecosystems

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Industrial Ecosystems Services

  • Hydro Excavation

    Hydro Excavation

    IEI provides the latest in Hydro-Excavation technology. Hydro Excavation is digging with high pressure water, while vacuuming debris into a tank for a clean and precise excavation. Unlike traditional excavation, there is little chance of damage when water is used to loosen soil, significantly reducing the safety and financial risks associated with mechanical excavation.

  • Centrifuge Services

    Centrifuge Services

    IEI's mobile centrifuge is a turn key system which allows quick reclamation of open reserve pits. The system is designed to recycle water from drilling fluids and cuttings. The centrifuge removes and de-waters solids providing clean water to use at the next drilling location. Centrifuge services reduce drilling operation costs associated with waste fluid disposal and the necessity to 'haul in' additional fresh water. IEI's team will provide all...

  • Vacuum Services

    Vacuum Services

    Our powerful King Vac trucks can safely remove and dispose of your solids, liquids or sludge. We can provide cleanup and disposal of pit sludge, tank bottoms and contaminated soil. Let IEI help you manage your waste conveniently and economically.