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Industrie De Nora S.p.A. | De Nora Water Technologies

De Nora Water Technologies provides a range of trusted disinfection and filtration technologies and aftersales support services for water and wastewater treatment in the energy, marine and municipal markets worldwide. With more than 50 years’ experience in water treatment, the company has developed, delivered and installed thousands of installations worldwide across a variety of applications. De Nora Water Technologies combines leading R&D capabilities with water treatment engineering expertise to continuously improve and broaden its technology offering portfolio. De Nora’s brands and its Water Technologies portfolio are recognized worldwide for their contribution to water treatment operators in providing a safe source of water and wastewater.

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Via Bistolfi, 35 , Milan , 20134 Italy
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

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Electrochemistry at your service

De Nora is a global company and a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of electrodes, coatings and complete electrochemical solutions to serve diversified markets.


deliver innovative technologies, products and services to win future challenges coming from environmental and industrial needs.

Founded in 1923 by Oronzio De Nora to pursue the commercial exploitation of its first patent the company evolved over time to become a multinational enterprise with manufacturing facilities close to all its customers. the loyalty to electrochemistry is the undisputed legacy of the company, recognized as an innovating company thanks to continuous improvement of its products and services.


Deliver innovative technologies, products and services to win future challenges coming from environmental and industrial needs


The Company Values are the pillars on which De Nora builds and further strengthens its legacy: all the employees are well aware that their behavior must be inspired by the following:

  • Balance between global mindset and respect of our history
  • Innovation and proactive attitude
  • Passion and result orientation
  • Integrity and fairness
  • Focus on People and respect of diversity

About 1600 employees are continuously contributing to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. Our employees are fundamental in exceeding the goals of our strategy and in its implementation and adaptation to the changing business scenarios.


Since 1923 De Nora strives to excel in electrochemical processes combining in a unique value proposition economic success, respect for the environment and social responsibility. Through focused Research and continuous innovation, we support our partners and customers in nearly every industry in meeting the current and future needs of society.

De Nora aims to strengthen its position as the world’s leading provider of electrochemical products and services.

De Nora’s vision is re-stating the Company legacy: the pursuit of low environmental impact technologies, more efficient processes and energy saving solutions is extended beyond the traditional end market with a special focus on energy, water and agro-food sectors as new arenas where to build our future growth. Investments and research initiatives aim to develop new technologies able to address selected global megatrends.

We intend to keep extending our offer of innovative products and improved electrochemical processes as a competitive and viable solution to world’s growing needs.


Structure and Organization

De Nora organization foresees a regional organization deployed in all continents and a corporate organization that steers the strategy and supports the local legal entities.

The business is organized in five business segments, which serve different markets with a diversified portfolio. The business segments are consolidated by technology  and are the following:

  1. Chlor Alkali, where the electrochemical processes are evolving chlorine, chlorate
  2. Oxygen and specialties, where the process is evolving oxygen as a by-product of the desired reaction (galvanic and plating processes, cathodic protection of steel structure,…)
  3. Water Treatment, grouping electrochemical solutions for water disinfection and advanced oxidation processes, electrochlorination, pool chlorination, direct organic oxidation, mediated oxidation)
  4. Energy, grouping electrodes and electrolysers for water electrolysis, batteries and fuel cells
  5. De Nora Next, providing highly innovative on-site and on-demand solutions for higher and safer life standards

For financial reporting purposes, our business results are grouped into the following four regions:

  • Europe, Middle East, Africa, India grouping De Nora Italy, De Nora Germany, De Nora India
  • North America, De Nora USA
  • Asia grouping De Nora Japan, De Nora China, De Nora Singapore
  • Latin America, De Nora Brasil.

Our Corporate functions, based in the headquarters at Milan (Italy) provide services and support to De Nora group in the following areas

  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Research and Development
  • Production Technology
  • Global Procurement
  • Administration Finance and Control
  • Human Resources and Organization
  • Information Technology and Communication
  • Intellectual Property
  • Legal Advice

A manufacturing footprint tailored to meet customers' needs
De Nora has built its reputation on meeting and exceeding its customers’ expectations in quality and on-time delivery.  With coating factories strategically located throughout the world, and manufacturing “Centers of Excellence” for specialty products, we can provide outstanding quality and service to all industries using an electrochemical process.


We focus on sustainable and low environmental impact as key features of our value proposition to customers.

Our company continues to take great efforts to develop solutions ever more efficient to reduce the customers energy consumptions and through materials and different solutions achieve maximum production efficiency to reduce the clients CO2 overall footprint.

To begin with type of long-lasting anodes requiring only to be periodically maintained simply freshing the treatment to the surface. In fact, our anodes are virtually indestructible and do not suffer from distortions nor dimensional wear due to the use.

In many industries and in various applications De Nora sustainable solutions are ahead of the times and international regulation as alternative to graphite or lead anodes that have a fast wear rate, to mercury technologies for chlorine production, even the Zero Mercury Emission program for those who still continues to use mercury plants. And yet the anodes that allow to realize chroming with trivalent chromium instead of the carcinogenic hexavalent chromium.

A sustainability intrinsic in the design of our products and services in addition to considerably lower impact on people and environment thus allowing customers to meet well ahead of time even the most stringent international standards.

In particular, we continue to develop technologies to recycle water within the process and reduce the overall demand for and treat wastewater in different production areas, aiming to achieve whenever possible the 'zero liquid discharge' concept treating polluted waters with novel electrochemical processes thanks to tailored coating formulation.


De Nora engages the best talents to provide solutions and create innovative products.

We serve business needs, dare technological boundaries, attain sustainable growth through perseverance and dedication.  Our People combine the experience with the passion for new ideas.

De Nora is a fully integrated Company that applies guiding principles respecting the geographical distribution, spring boarding the cultural diversity and exploiting the enthusiasm and the expertise of all its People.


The current high managerial and scientific proficiencies enable De Nora in  shaping a consistent organizational model. We expect the best performance from our People by working in a global environment driven by dynamism, creativity, loyalty and passion.


We keep the highest focus on people development by managing careers, recognize and reward technical competences by a dedicated career ladder, design tailored training programs, promote job rotation and international mobility.

  • Ammonia Feed 
  • Ammonia Removal from Wastewater  
  • Arsenic Removal from Groundwater   
  • Ballast Water Treatment 
  • Biofouling Control 
  • Boreholes 
  • Bottled Water Purification  
  • Carbon Dioxide Feed  
  • Chemical Destruction 
  • Chemical Processing 
  • Chloramination - Gas Feed  
  • Chloramination - Hypochlorite  
  • Chlorine Feed  
  • Coastal Industry Biofouling Control  
  • Contract Operations 
  • Cooling Tower Water Disinfection    
  • Dechlorination  
  • Denitrification of Wastewater 
  • Desalination Water Disinfection     
  • Flour Milling 
  • Food and Beverage Manufacture  
  • Gas Blending 
  • Ground Water Remediation  
  • High Vacuum Requirements 
  • Industrial Plant Operations 
  • Irrigation System Disinfection  
  • Laundry Bleaching  
  • Legionella control   
  • Leisure Industry  
  • Liquid Dosing - Instrumentation  
  • Liquor Treatment (from Dewatering)  
  • Marine Sewage Treatment 
  • Metal Degassing    
  • Municipal Drinking Water 
  • Municipal Filtration  
  • Municipal Wastewater  
  • Odor Control 
  • Oil and Grease Removal   
  • Petrochemical 
  • Plant Engineering 
  • Potable Water Disinfection  
  • Potable Water Treatment  
  • Power Industry  
  • Process Water Disinfection  
  • Pulp and Paper   
  • Secondary and Advanced Wastewater Treatment 
  • Semiconductor Chip Rinsing  
  • Shut Down Systems 
  • Slime / Algae Control  
  • Solids Conveying 
  • Storm Water / Sewer Overflow Treatment  
  • Sulfur Dioxide Feed  
  • Suspended Solids Removal from Wastewater  
  • Training and Development 
  • Wastewater Disinfection  
  • Wastewater Filtration  
  • Wastewater Minimization