Infratech Corporation

Infratech Corporation

INFRATECH offers a range of services and products to our clients from our Combustion Division, including the design and manufacture of solid, liquid, gaseous waste incinerators and thermal oxidizers. INFRATECH is also a leader in Infrared Imaging and Fugitive Emission Inspection Services. Our international client base includes: ExxonMobil, Talisman, Repsol, Apache, Shell, BP, Pemex, to mention only a few. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your project requirements.

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PO BOX 2099, 3415 35th Avenue , Whitecourt , Alberta T7S 1P7 Canada
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Oil, Gas & Refineries
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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INFRATECH was founded in 1987 and have become Leaders in both Incineration equipment manufacturing and state of art Infrared imaging and thermographic consulting services.


  • Incinerator designs are application specific
  • Provide cost efficient and environmentally sensitive combustion solutions for solid, liquid and gas waste
  • In-house manufacturing, CAD technology and dynamic consulting services


  • Combustion equipment optimization and maintenance services
  • Ensure fired equipment is operating to its maximum efficiency
  • Offered for boilers, U-tube heaters, line heaters, incinerators, treaters, etc.


  • Offer a unique view of equipment through the lens of our infrared camera
  • Able to inspect the condition of heater furnace tubes, steam generator/boiler tubes, refractory and electrical systems

Fugitive Emissions

  • Industry leading fugitive emission management services
  • Latest infrared gas leak detection system together with gas leak quantification instruments
  • Detailed reports enable clients to meet regulatory compliance

Contract Labour

  • Technical and operating labour service

Infratech is focused on keeping assets healthy, productive and profitable. Our business activities limit downtime, maintain high safety standards and maximize your facility operating efficiency.

We work closely with our customers on ways to improve their business, thereby creating and solidifying long-term business partnerships. At Infratech we pride ourselves on providing Efficient Solutions and Focused Results.