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  • Wte Incinerators and Heat Recovery Furnaces

  • Inclined (Sloped) Rotating Furnaces

    Inclined (Sloped) Rotating Furnaces

    These are big inclined (sloped) rotating furnaces with medium and big inner volume, with continuous loading by means of different loading systems, depending on the type of the waste, and are always fitted with automatic ash discharge; they are suited to burn municipal waste (MW or RSU), hospital waste in cardboard boxes or in plastic bags or drums (ROT), special industrial waste, hazard waste, biologic or industrial sludges; the furnace ROT can...

  • Pyrolitic Static Incinerators

    Pyrolitic Static Incinerators

    These are pyrolitic static incinerators (furnaces), with static incineration chamber and separated post combustion chamber (P.B.), which can be mounted either vertically (PSV type, mounted on the furnace itself) or horizontally (PSO - mounted in line with the furnace). 

  • Model MAC Series - Incinerator Furnaces

    Model MAC Series - Incinerator Furnaces

    These are small and medium size horizontal rotating pyrolitic incinerators (furnaces) with either manual loading ('batch') through the frontal door or automatic loading by means of a ram loader (hydraulic loading machine), which can be mounted only on the bigger units (starting from the model MAC300, due to the head diameter). 

  • Other Products

  • Waste Separation and Selection Plants

    Waste Separation and Selection Plants

    ROT furnaces for MSW can be coupled to separation and selection lines COPARM, installed upstream of the furnace, to realize INTEGRATED PLATFORMS for MSW with emissions 'near to zero' and with recuperation of precious second materials ( Metals, Plastic scraps etc.).  Here below the lay-out of the MSW PLATFORM with n.2 ROT200 lines with n.1 COPARM line and a detail of the separation line (COPARM press machine) .

  • Flue Gas Cleaning Plants

    Flue Gas Cleaning Plants

    FLUE GAS CLEANING PLANTS AF - 'DRY' system,  'WET' system or 'MIXED' system . DRY SUPER-DEPURATION SYSTEM  with near to zero emissions (NZEP) (ALSO WITHOUT CHIMNEY STACK). We design and produce DRY,WET or MIXED flue gas cleaning systems, of our own design (some systems are patented); each system can be then implemented, in case of necessity, by means of the new RETROFIT system of SUPERDEPURATION, which allows to reach emission level largely...

  • Steel Structures

    Steel Structures

    We design and produce bearing steel structures made of carbon steel as well stainless steel, calculated either in compliance with the Italian technical norms or with the European norms (Eurocodes), with certified welding systems at norms UNI-EN 287-1; the steel structures can be either only designed (supply of dwg's and calculations only) or supplied complete 'turn key', after preassembling in our support workshop located in Cigognola (Pavia -...

  • Acoustic Cabins

    Acoustic Cabins

    Our activity includes design, construction and supply of acoustic cabins, which we build making use of some special acoustic panels which were patented by us in the past (original models: FIBROPHON, FIBROISOLIT, ISOLPACK). By means of these panels, which are of our own original ideation, are now performed the acoustic cabins we design and produce, according to the most several acoustic problems and working conditions. Here below You see two pictures...