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  • Multibore Membranes

    Multibore Membranes

    With its patented Multibore membrane, inge GmbH is widely regarded as one of the world's leading technology pioneers in the ultrafiltration sector.

  • T-Rack - Rack Systems

    T-Rack - Rack Systems

    Our 'T-Rack' rack system is a hydrodynamically optimized solution that makes the best use of the available space when installing dizzer modules. The T-Rack design concept offers unparalleled flexibility and helps keep investment and operating costs to a minimum. The feed and drain pipes are integrated in the end caps of the headers, while the filtrate connections are welded to the module bodies and headers. There are no O-rings, and all the flanges of...

  • dizzer - Ultrafiltration Module

  • dizzer - Model L PB - Ultrafiltration Module

    dizzer - Model L PB - Ultrafiltration Module

    The dizzer L PB series of UF elements introduces Multibore - the world‘s most stable UF membrane - to the horizontal replacement market. The UF elements are designed to streamline one-to-one replacements of existing horizontal UF systems on-site while maintaining existing pressure housings and without having to adjust up- or downstream equipment.

  • dizzer - Model XL - Ultrafiltration Module

    dizzer - Model XL - Ultrafiltration Module

    Thanks to its variable design with different capacities, the dizzer XL module is designed to provide target-oriented solutions for municipal and industrial plants of many different sizes.