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  • Energy & Emissions - Environmental Compliance and Studies

  • Ingen - ESOS Services

    Ingen - ESOS Services

    ESOS requires large businesses to carry out audits of their energy consumption in order to identify energy saving opportunities. ESOS is the Energy Savings and Opportunities Scheme set up by the UK government to encourage implementation of energy saving opportunities within qualifying organisations in England & Wales (the Environmental Agency – EA); Scotland (Scottish...

  • Stack Sampling Services

    Stack Sampling Services

    We are the leading UK consultancy for offshore emissions baseline test surveys for legislative compliance. We helped to write the guidelines for BEIS for the 2009 round of PPC offshore sampling, and are working with BEIS and Oil & Gas UK to support the technical guidelines for this up-coming round of legislative LCP requirements. Our insight, coupled with our experience, makes us the best-placed consultancy to help you to deliver the necessary...

  • Ingen - EU ETS Management and NER Services

    Ingen - EU ETS Management and NER Services

    The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) is the largest multi-sector, multi-country greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) trading system in the world. Around 1,000 of the registered 11,000 qualifying sites are based within the UK and they range from oil refineries, paper mills, offshore installations and chemical plants, to power stations, universities and hospitals. Qualification depends upon the combustion capacity of equipment on site. The...

  • Ingen - Air Dispersion Modelling Services

    Ingen - Air Dispersion Modelling Services

    Atmospheric dispersion modelling is the mathematical simulation of how air pollutants disperse in the ambient atmosphere. We use specialist computer programs to solve the mathematical equations and algorithms which simulate the pollutant dispersion. The dispersion models are used to estimate the downwind ambient concentration of air pollutants or toxins emitted from sources such as industrial plants, and offshore installations. Models can also be used...

  • Best Available Technique Studies Services (BAT)

    Best Available Technique Studies Services (BAT)

    Best Available Technique (BAT) studies are required by the regulator as part of a greenfield design, or a substantial change to a brownfield project. Ingen has completed such studies on most of the new developments in UKCS over the last ten years. The objective is to demonstrate that appropriate energy efficiency and environmental aspects have been considered in the selection of the proposed concepts and equipment.