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  • Railroad vibrations - Case Study

    Railroad vibrations - Case Study

    IAG has conducted numerous studies of the vibrations produced by the railways (tram, subway, AVE, goods, commuter, etc). These vibration studies are developed to determine which buildings can be affected by the circulation of trains and ...

  • Acoustic Simulation - Case Study

    Acoustic Simulation - Case Study

    Ingeniería Acústica García-Calderón is a consultancy dedicated to the measurement, simulation, prediction and elaboration of proposals for corrective measures to evaluate and / or minimize noise and vibrations in ...

  • Noise at home - Case Study

    Noise at home - Case Study

    As much as today we have made great technological advances, there are elements that we still can not control. This is the case of the sources of noise that we suffer in our home, such as traffic noise, entertainment, elevators, pressure ...

  • Smokers on terraces - Case Study

    Smokers on terraces - Case Study

    The new Anti-smoking Law, in force since January 2, 2011, has brought, as a consequence of its application, that the noise inside the bars and clubs is transferred to the smoker abroad, generating, therefore, levels of Inadmissible noise that ...

  • Location of sound sources - Case Study

    Location of sound sources - Case Study

    IAG offers its customers the identification and location of noise in outdoor environments with multiple sources. Through the Acoustic Camera technology, an acoustic antenna with numerous microphones, a multichannel signal acquisition system ...