Ingeniería Acústica García-Calderón S.L.L. (IAG)

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Ingeniería Acústica García-Calderón S.L.L. (IAG) Services

  • Industrial Acoustics Services

    Industrial Acoustics Services

    Evaluation of noise and vibrations in the workplace. Assessment of the daily or weekly exposure of the worker to noise in his workplace, in all types of industrial facilities and processes, in accordance with Royal Decree 286/2006 and Royal Decree 1311/2005 for the protection of workers against noise. Evaluation of exposure to 'hand-arm' and 'full body' vibrations in accordance with current legislation.

  • Architectural Acoustics Services

    Architectural Acoustics Services

    Noise and vibration tests in buildings and building installations, solutions for noise control, projects and installations. Design, manufacture, assembly and certification of the solution.

  • Environmental Acoustics Services

    Environmental Acoustics Services

    IAG performs simulations, predictions and measurements or noise measurements in all the municipalities of the Community of Madrid as well as in the rest of the Autonomous Communities and Cities.

  • Legal Acoustics Services

    Legal Acoustics Services

    Legal and technical assistance against noise and vibrations. If you suffer the consequences of noise and see how the Administration does not respond or solve your privacy and rest needs; or if you feel privacy violated in your home, office or other place, as a result of noise or vibrations produced by third parties (unfriendly behavior of your neighbor, the bar below, the elevator, the community boiler, the lobby, the air conditioning, etc.), do not...

  • Noise Limiters Services

    Noise Limiters Services

    Any activity of public concurrence (bar, cocktail bar, pub, discotheque, leisure or entertainment center, rehearsal space, cinemas, etc.) that incorporates a sound reproduction or amplification system is likely to cause discomfort to neighbors closest to activity. To prevent this type of activity from exceeding the permitted noise limits established by the Municipal Ordinances or Autonomic Laws, it is necessary to incorporate a NOISE REGISTRATION...

  • Consulting System Quality Services

    Consulting System Quality Services

    We offer services as consultants for the implementation of its quality system and perform internal audits of its testing laboratory, calibration, inspection or certification under ISO 17025, ISO 17020, ISO 17065. Our experience, from more than 100 audits carried out to testing or calibration laboratories (ISO 17025), inspection entities (ISO 17020), product certification entities (ISO17065) accredited ENAC or ENAC accreditation phase, endorse us to...