More than 45 years of experience in engineering, development and manufacturing of equipment and efficient energy, drying and waste solutions within the wood, forestry, chemical and textile sector, among others. Among our solutions we highlight: - Energy equipment for different types of wood and biomass wastes: sawdust, bark, sliver, sanding, Cork, MDF, dust... - Hot gases generation chambers using biomass and wastes - Thermal oil boilers using biomass and waste - Hot water boilers using biomass and waste - Steam boilers using biomass and waste - CHP ORC Plants using biomass and waste - Heat recovery - Band dryers - Rotary dryers We provide our engineering and consulting services for the development of all phases of the project, from the supply of equipment to "turnkey" projects, as well as for the design of equipment tailor-made

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Jiménez,6 Pol. Ind Barrio del Cristo , Quart de Poblet , Valencia 46930 Spain

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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To provide the best service to our customers, we offer you our full technical, economic and human potential to satisfy every stages of your project: research, development, design, layout planning, construction, assembly, commissioning and maintenance.

Our extensive experience and know-how enables our customers to obtain the best installation.

Thanks to the company´s business trajectory, in 1996 it was able to obtain the DIN EN ISO 9001 certification under the supervision and control of the TÜV-CERT company from Hannover in:

“Design and engineering, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and maintenance of boilers, heat exchangers, heat recovery, drying systems, combustion and incineration processes.”

Our Main Areas of Activities Include:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning, maintenance and inspections

At INNERGY we always ensure the highest QUALITY of our products, from the beginning of the Design and Engineering process to manufacturing, as well as the assembling and commissioning of the equipment. Therefore, since 1996 we have held the certificate of quality in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard, awarded by the prestigious TÜV – CERT company in Hannover in:

“Design and engineering, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and maintenance of boilers, heat exchangers, heat recovery, drying systems, combustion and incineration processes.”

Our boilers are constructed according to Directive 97/23/EC on pressure equipment and the customer receives a “CE” Declaration of Conformity certified by a Notified Body of the Ministry of Industry and Energy. The units are delivered with CE certification according to the European standards and regulations.

Depending on customer needs, we also manufacture according to other standards, such as TRD, ASME, TEMA ou API.

Depending on the requirements that are necessary for the project, we deliver our equipment in compliance with other regulations:  ATEX etc.


  • We want to build the energy and industry of the future alongside our customers. We innovate in order to achieve 100% sustainable and efficient processes by generating clean energy and smart solutions for the connected industry.


  • COMMITMENT: At INNERGY we feel duty bound to look after not only the environment but also the sphere in which we operate, which is why we strive to build long-term relationships which ensure the personal and professional development of our workers, partners, customers and suppliers. Simply maximising profit for these groups is not enough: we need to ensure we work sustainably and generate opportunities for social development in the territories we operate in.
  • EXCELLENCE: Our team is perfectionist and meticulous, essential qualities in order to feel proud of the solutions we offer. Every day we strive to overcome the most demanding challenges in order to ensure continuous improvement in every step we take, never giving up but rather continuing to study and devise ways to improve our process: that is how INNERGY works.
  • INNOVATION: At Innergy we never underestimate the importance of staying ahead. That is why we are committed to cutting-edge technology as the best way to achieving processes and developing solutions which will generate value at a future date. We have taken on-board the concept of industry 4.0, which see as a way of adapting our production processes in line with requirements and a more efficient allocation of resources.