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Innovator Capital is a boutique investment bank advising emerging Biomedical and Environmental technology companies regardless of their nationality. We were established in 2003 and focus on the provision of expert strategic and capital markets advice, transaction arranging and M&A services for private and public companies. We address the continuing unsatisfied capital requirement and other needs by assisting companies with their understanding of the numerous alternatives and opportunities available around the world. Innovator Capital`s objective is to provide a high value-added approach to capital raising, partnering, product licensing and other key issues.

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33 St. James Square , London , SW1Y 4JS United Kingdom

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Service provider
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Banking & Finance / Insurance / Legal
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Internationally (various countries)

We address the continuing unsatisfied capital requirement and other needs of such companies by assisting them in their understanding of the numerous alternatives available around the world. Innovator Capital’s objective is to build a robust business at low risk, by providing companies and their shareholders with a well crafted, innovative and high value-added approach to primary and secondary capital raising utilising efficient and coordinated modern distribution techniques.

Innovator develops tailor-made solutions to satisfy companies’ individual requirements particularly in situations where a company’s stock price is perceived to be trading below reasonable levels. These solutions are executed bearing in mind the limited amount of time that managements have to devote to non-operational issues, they are then freed to concentrate on the execution of their business plans rather than spending an inordinate amount of time looking for capital or lifting the awareness of their organisations.

Innovator Capital has various new approaches to equity funding for public companies, which have been proven in numerous world financial centres. The approaches allow companies to determine the precise timing and the scale of their access to the capital markets, while delivering greater direct control over pricing. Innovator benefits from: the track record and expertise of its founder; the edge it has as a result of different and objective use of the equity capital markets; and the low overhead nature of the business model we follow in multiple financial markets. It is at the forefront of innovation.

About Innovator Capital

Innovator Capital’s goal is to be recognised as a trusted, objective adviser able to assist the managements of growth companies to achieve their corporate goals; at all times keeping to the fore the relevant regulatory environment and the best interests of the company’s shareholders.

It addresses the growing management needs for time, money, consistency and commitment essential to rapidly emerging companies. Typically companies have been offered standard advice and capital markets products by the traditional investment banks and more recently, as a result of downsizing, certain of such banks have focused on clients that have larger market capitalisations to the relative exclusion of the smaller ones. Some Bio - Medical and Environmental companies have as a result been neglected or not given the best advice.

Innovator Capital’s intentionally adopted and Financial Services Authority registered virtual business model enables it to rapidly implement the services that are proposed and agreed to by the companies it works with. The services are extraordinarily beneficial to growth companies. It understands the time pressures that management are faced with and their need to feel secure that their shareholders best interests are considered to be of paramount importance. Innovator’s approach creates a powershift in that CEOs and CFOs gain increased control over the process, timing and amount of their capital raisings and other corporate activities, recapturing some of the ground traditionally exploited by old style investment bankers.

Innovator’s objective is to provide expert knowledge and intelligence of M&A opportunities and to give issuers superior guidance navigating the complexities of the financial markets. It advises CEOs and CFOs with respect to them having reliable and consistent access to primary and secondary share distribution at the correct price and where relevant, how best to build and maintain price momentum while optimising the daily trading volume of their shares. Innovator will only represent the corporate party. This removes the possibility of conflict of interest.