iNOVOTEC Animal Care

iNOVOTEC Animal Care

iNOVOTEC Animal Care, in partnership with smaXtec animal care, strives to preserve the relationship between people and animals by committing to enhance livestock’s quality of life and to support farmers. With the click of a button, it is now possible to access vital information that is scientifically proven, cost-effective and easily integrated with current farming practices. This is what our innovative monitoring solutions offer to the livestock industry.

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1100 Corporate Square Dr. , St. Louis , Missouri 63132 USA

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Software vendor
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Agriculture - Livestock
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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  • We supply innovative monitoring solutions to players in the livestock industry.
  • We measure – you collect the data, acquire experience and improve your professional practices.
  • We give you access to important information which up to now was difficult to obtain: scientifically proven, economically justifiable and easy to integrate into your daily work.

Animal health and well-being is of profound importance to people working in this field, not only because human health depends on the health of these animals, but also because of ethical reasons having to do with the animal condition.

The aim of iNovotec Animal Care is to contribute to the preservation of this relationship between people and animals. We are committed to working every day to enhance the quality of life of livestock and to support farmers.
iNovotec Animal Care helps professionals monitor very closely the health state of their animals. It is our objective to indicate in good time whenever there is the slightest change in vital parameters that could signify a deterioration in the health status of the herd. In this way, professionals are able to quickly and effectively correct any discrepancies that are likely to lead to serious pathologies.