Inspecteam Hydro

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  • Mechanical Inspection Service

    Mechanical Inspection Service

    Our Quality Surveillance Inspectors can visit a client’s sub-contractor facility to witness and verify inspections and tests, review conduct of special processes, verify measurements and test results and assess workmanship. INSPECTEAM Hydro inspectors are available for one-day visits or resident assignments. Detailed reports are forwarded within 48 hours to the client. Our uniquely qualified technical specialists are strategically located to...

  • Expediting Service

    Expediting Service

    In parallel with inspection activities, if required, periodic visits are carried out at a vendor’s premises in order to find (and help solve) all potential problems that could affect the manufacturing and cause a delay on delivery time. Such as missing approved documentation, excessive workload and inefficient technical communication between the parts involved in the project.

  • Vendor Assessment Audits

    Vendor Assessment Audits

    The primary concern with any new contract is the choice of vendor, as the vendors that you use directly influence the quality of your products. Our independent vendor assessment and technical audit services can be carried out anywhere in Europe, ensuring that your suppliers and vendors provide the quality you need.

  • Technical Consulting Services

    Technical Consulting Services

    We provide technical consulting to our clients by supporting them in the preparation of the Project Specification / Material Requisition. Our Engineers can provide advice with regard to compliance to applicable international standards and to manufacturing feasibility.