Fugitive Emissions LDAR Experts! InspectionLogic Corp. develops and supports software products and training services that optimize operational and compliance aspects of fugitive emissions Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) programs. Our company is the world’s leading resource for proactive prevention of business interruption or losses associated with fugitive emissions in petroleum or chemical processing facilities. Our core business is Inspection Information Management. Our software products are tools that assist in collecting and managing information specifically related to physical inspections, emissions monitoring, repairs, record keeping, and related tasks.

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LeakDAS is used to manage fugitive emissions compliance programs required in the United States by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as environmental agencies in other countries.

The Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) compliance method is a complex mixture of scheduling the minimum number of inspections to ensure compliance, producing & tracking work orders when leaking components are discovered, and environmental reporting.

The Windows version of ORR LeakDAS software was first introduced in 1994.

LeakDAS also has a companion software product called LeakDAS Mobile Edition that runs on a handheld data logger designed for use in hazardous areas. The application dictates data to be collected in the plant for uploading to a computer for processing.

Many people using other products have been frustrated with software that is difficult to operate, poorly supported, and expensive to upgrade. People who have switched to LeakDAS report that it is easy to implement and use. Existing data can be reused so that retrofit customers don't miss a single inspection or repair.

Technical support for LeakDAS is recognized by the LDAR industry as outstanding.

LeakDAS can be used to help comply with complex US EPA regulations such as Refinery MACT, HON, NSPS, Consent Decrees, state regulations, international requirements, or the customer's own custom rules.

LeakDAS delivers cost savings through automation by processing inspection data to determine the least amount of field labor necessary to comply with each regulation or requirement.

Reports are pre-configured and ready to process data for quarterly, semi-annual, or annual submittal. Data can be packaged into ad hoc user defined reports or exported to other software applications.

InspectionLogic offers professional web-based and on-site training for LeakDAS users.

What has made LeakDAS a success is a combination of how well the software addresses the very specific needs of the fugitive emissions LDAR application, and how well the InspectionLogic's application experts support the product and customers.

LDM for Windows Mobile large screen hand-held devices.

InspectionLogic Corp. is widely known as the market leader for software used to assist with managing Fugitive Emissions LDAR programs at chemical processing plants, refineries, gas pipeline/processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other industries that must comply with the government regulations pertaining to VOC and Hazardous Air Pollutants emitting from leaking chemical processing equipment. Learn more about Fugitive Emissions LDAR at WWW.LDAR.COM

What makes InspectionLogic Corporation and its software product, LeakDAS, the market leader?

  • Significant investment in the development of LeakDAS, making it the industry's most advanced LDAR program management software.
  • Involvement in organizing/participating in the industry's only trade conference. Register on LDARdotCOM and view Conference information in the Forum section. http://www.ldar.com/
  • Sponsorship of a web-based community for LDAR information: WWW.LDAR.COM
  • By founding LDAR University to offer training that improves the quality of knowledge for people working in the LDAR field so they can do their jobs more effectively (this is completely separate from software!).
  • Overwhelming acceptance and endorsement by companies using LeakDAS and other vendors who supply equipment and services to the LDAR community.

Data management is at the center of every LDAR program, and InspectionLogic is taking responsibility for ensuring the LDAR community is being supported. InspectionLogic will continue to grow by leveraging its leadership position in the LDAR community to release other inspection management products for EH&S applications that can be sold alongside LeakDAS.

Leakdas Smartscore
SmartScore provides information for decision-making that was previously unavailable to fugitive emissions LDAR program managers. Using SmartScore, managers can observe past performance and predict future likelihood that a component will leak. And they can do it at a glance. Only LeakDAS offers this capability.

SmartScore is a simple numerical ranking assigned to each component in the LeakDAS database, a concept analogous to the credit score that credit-reporting agencies assign to people. With SmartScore, a higher number indicates a greater likelihood that the component will leak in the future.


Leak detection and repair (LDAR) regulations affect almost all U.S. industry processes in which volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are used or manufactured, and NEIC has had a lead role in Agency investigations of these LDAR programs since the early 1990s. NEIC has now expanded its investigation tools to include innovative, information forensic science techniques which allow previously-unexplored compliance areas to be evaluated.

Typical large scale petrochemical manufacturing facilities can contain over 100,000 pieces of regulated process equipment which may leak VOCs to the atmosphere, thereby contributing to the formation of ground level ozone. Each piece of equipment may be required to be tested for leaks several times each year, and additional information regarding leak repairs might be recorded. In order to fully evaluate compliance with LDAR regulations, NEIC has employed relational databases and structured query language (SQL) to collect and evaluate this detailed facility information. Using correlation equations developed by EPA, NEIC can then model emissions from data collected onsite in order to evaluate the validity of company-reported VOC emissions data. NEIC innovation in leak detection and repair compliance investigations has encouraged several companies to enter global settlement negotiations to resolve both LDAR and other Clean Air Act compliance issues.

LeakDAS is the leading provider of LDAR Software in the world.


InspectionLogic’s LeakDAS data management software has Action Panels that give the user a quick snapshot of the most important parameters an LDAR manager needs to run his or her compliance program. Now, with the latest release of LeakDAS v4, users can customize their own Action Panel. They can define what information is displayed on a section on the main screen as well as what happens when that section is clicked. The current action panel provides information such as Inspections Due By, Open Work Requests, etc.  Do you need something more?  Users have added Action Panels for tracking Open Ended Lines, Missing Tags, and several other items. The latest release of LeakDAS v4 also offers a way to fire off custom procedures to do things such as automatically build Routes, automatically schedule Missing Tag Follow-ups and much more.

LeakDAS Custom Reporting

InspectionLogic has added an exciting new reporting tool to LeakDAS v4.10. Custom reports can be created quicker and easier than ever before. How about the same custom report each quarter?  It’s easy to do with the new reporting tool in LeakDAS v4.10.