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  • Rotary Screen

    Rotary Screen

    The influent enters a collection/diversion box, which extends 2/3 the length of the drum, where the flow is evenly distributed onto the sidewalls of the drum. Solids are retained on the screen surface as the liquid flows through the rotating screen openings. Splash guards direct the liquid filtrate to a central drainage area, and the solids are transported axially, by flights, to the open end of the drum. The rotation of the drum allows the entire...

  • Filter Press

    Filter Press

    Filter presses are designed to compress the wet wastes generated from the wastewater treatment process into a dry filter cake usinghigh pressure filtration/compaction. The dry filter cakes are typically  discharged to the sludge bin for disposal while the filtrate isconveyed to the sewer or water reuse system with low turbidity.

  • Batch Systems

    Batch Systems

    Batch Systems are a complete wastewater treatment system and are ideal for industries with medium flow (up to 10,000 gallons) and high concentrations of contaminants, such as metals, inks, corrugators, food processors, and more. The systems can either be manual or fully automated with optional controls including PLC programmed operation. We offer custom design systems to meet the customer’s needs as well as installation, startup and training.

  • 2-Chemical pH Control System

    2-Chemical pH Control System

    The 2-Chemical pH control system uses a Hach sc 100 controller and pH probe to regulate the flow of caustic and acidic chemicals, to adjust the pH to a desirable set point.  The chemicals are metered by the pumps in response to sensor-detected pH imbalance in the water, thereby neutralizing the pH when injected into the effluent stream.

  • FLOCCIN - Nonhazardous One-Step Wastewater Treatment Product

    FLOCCIN - Nonhazardous One-Step Wastewater Treatment Product

    Our Floccin products are a nonhazardous one-step wastewater treatment product that replaces the traditionally used (and often hazardous) coagulants and flocculants. Each distinct Floccin agent blend provides a multitude of reactions for wastewater treatment that simultaneously coagulate, break emulsified oils in water, ion exchange to encapsulate contaminants, and flocculate to separate solids from the water stream You will see many benefits...