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  • Environmental

  • Asset & Compliance Tracking System

    Asset & Compliance Tracking System

    The Intelex Asset & Compliance Tracking System (ACTS) is a comprehensive environmental management information system designed to manage all of your environmental, GHG emissions, regulatory compliance and health and safety requirements from a single, easy to use online platform.

  • Permits Management Software

    Permits Management Software

    Ensure permit requirements never fall through the cracks with simplified tracking of dates and tasks. Intelex Permits Management software acts as a central, user-friendly database for organizations to manage, track and report on all permits and their data, from required activities to renewal dates.

  • Legal & Other Requirements Management Software

    Legal & Other Requirements Management Software

    Streamline management of key business and legal requirements to achieve worry-free compliance. Intelex Legal & Other Requirements software empowers you to ensure sustained compliance by tracking all activities, documents and data associated with the legislative and corporate requirements required of your business.

  • Environmental Aspects & Impacts Management Software

    Environmental Aspects & Impacts Management Software

    Easily manage your organization's significant environmental aspects and impacts for ISO 14001. Intelex Environmental Aspects & Impacts Management software makes it easy to exceed ISO 14001 requirements, enabling organizations to identify, rank and track significant environmental aspects and impacts.

  • Environmental Incidents Management Software

    Environmental Incidents Management Software

    Simplify environmental incident reporting and compliance requirements within a user-friendly system. Intelex Environmental Incidents Management software makes it easy to standardize and streamline reporting activities while exceeding environmental management requirements such as those set forth in ISO 14001.

  • Emergency Response Management Software

    Emergency Response Management Software

    Ensure emergency preparedness in the event of environmental incidents and align corporate goals. Intelex Emergency Response software allows you to schedule, notify and archive emergency response tests and situations to ensure corporate preparedness and compliance.

  • Environmental Objectives & Targets Management Software

    Environmental Objectives & Targets Management Software

    Manage progress towards your environmental objectives and targets in a secure, user-friendly system. Intelex Environmental Objectives and Targets software simplifies the objectives and targets identification process, providing automated results tracking and meeting ISO 14001 requirements.

  • Environmental Policy Management Software

    Environmental Policy Management Software

    Easily access, track and communicate environmental policies for simplified compliance. Intelex Environmental Policy Management software supports the visibility of your organization's environmental policies and simplifies compliance with standards such as ISO 14001.

  • Notice of Violation Management Software

    Notice of Violation Management Software

    Ensure the quickest, most effective response to any Notices of Violation your business may receive. Intelex Notice of Violation software automates the reporting and tracking process for Notices of Violation and associated corrective actions, facilitating the fastest route back to compliance.

  • Sustainability Performance Indicators Software

    Sustainability Performance Indicators Software

    Gain the insights needed to advance sustainable performance across your entire organization. Intelex Sustainability Performance Indicators empowers you to track, report and analyze sustainability data organization-wide to proactively identify opportunities and risk.

  • Applicability Analysis Software

    Applicability Analysis Software

    Stay up to date on which standards and regulations your organization must comply with quickly and easily. Intelex Applicability Analysis software helps organizations stay ahead of the ever changing world of regulatory compliance.

  • Compliance Tracking Software

    Compliance Tracking Software

    Ensure your compliance efforts are current and up to date with the latest regulations. Intelex Regulatory Compliance Tracking software allows you to easily create tasks, monitor and audit all your regulatory compliance needs.

  • Refrigerant Management Software

    Refrigerant Management Software

    Simplify compliance with refrigerant legislation with easy tracking and reporting capabilities. Intelex Refrigerant Management software allows you to track and report on refrigerant useage, leaks, repairs and related activities, empowering you to achieve worry-free compliance.

  • Waste Management Software

    Waste Management Software

    Reduce risk with unparalleled visibility into your waste management requirements and activities. Intelex Waste Management software empowers you to easily track and report on the various stages of waste management and disposal for simplified compliance with regulations.

  • Water Quality Management Software

    Water Quality Management Software

    Save time managing water and wastewater with easy scheduling and streamlined reporting. Intelex Water Quality Management software allows you to track your sampling activities, produce region-specific discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) and ensure you are always in compliance.

  • Environmental Management System (EMS)

    Environmental Management System (EMS)

    The Intelex Environmental Management System is a 100% web-based, highly configurable solution that helps organizations collect and organize environmental data, documents and activities to ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements and management system standards.

  • Air Emissions Management

    Air Emissions Management

    The Intelex Air Emissions Management application enables users to store, track, forecast and report on multiple emission sources across individual facilities and roll-up the data to the corporate level.

  • Environmental Sustainability Metrics

    Environmental Sustainability Metrics

    The Environmental Sustainability Metrics Module enables businesses to track, analyze, and report on all sustainability data and implement short- and long-term corporate sustainability strategies with ease.