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  • Integrated Management System (IMS)

    Integrated Management System (IMS)

    To extract real value from performance data, organizations need an accurate and comprehensive, real-time view of their business. The Intelex Integrated Management System makes achieving that view easily attainable. By integrating the environmental, quality, health & safety and business performance management systems into a central information portal, the Intelex integrated management program enables organizations to reduce duplication of effort,...

  • EHS Management System

    EHS Management System

    The Intelex EHS Management System enables organizations to surpass compliance requirements, effectively manage risks, improve operational performance, and foster a culture of corporate social responsibility. The web-based system functions as a central, organization-wide EHS portal to collect, track, and report EHS data and files in real-time. Intelex's EHS software solution is truly the most flexible and affordable web-based EHS management system on...

  • The Intelex Platform

    The Intelex Platform

    The Intelex Platform is the backbone of the entire Intelex system and the foundation for all Intelex applications. This powerful, centralized, web-based platform provides the core functionality for all components of the Intelex system.