Inter Aqua Advance A/S (IAA) was founded in 1978. IAA was the first company in the world supplying commercial recirculation plants for the aquaculture industry in Europe, U.S.A., Asia and Oceania. About 150 plants ranging from production capacities of 10 tons/year to 2,000 tons/year per module have been delivered. IAA has since its start always been in the forefront of research and development and over the years, other suppliers of recirculation technology have followed in IAA’s footsteps. IAA has gone through three major lead periods with a 1st, 2nd and now 3rd generation concept, the latter being based on the moving bed bio filtration technology. Moving bed bio filtration technology is considered the optimal concept within the aquaculture industry. IAA has an unequalled 20 years of experience with moving bed technology. IAA was chosen to supply the recirculation plants for the largest recirculation project undertaken to date worldwide;

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Muslingevej 36B , Egaa , 8250 Denmark

Locations Served

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Agriculture - Aquaculture
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Inter Aqua Advance - IAA A/S (IAA) is a worldwide renowned Provider of RAS with headquarters in Egaa, Denmark.  IAA has a global network of business and research associates.
Inter Aqua Advance - IAA A/S was established in 1978 by now deceased Knud Brockdorff. IAA was the first company in the world to take up development and supply of RAS. In 2009 his son Dan Brockdorff became Chairman of the Board. Knud was originally involved in large scale sea farming in Denmark – and the first one that took that up too. Knud was in everything he did, ahead of his time, ahead of everyone else - he was a true visionary.

The whole spirit in IAA has since been: “be ahead - be visionary”. Not just has that been the spirit, it has been achieved and is reflected in initiatives constantly taken to address the challenges a rapid growing industry like aquaculture is faced with.  

Our prominent position in the market place today can however, equally be attributed to our customers - the discussions we have with them and the invaluable feedback we get from them.

We supply aquaculture plants all over the world, we supply essential components to already succesful plants and we optimize already exsisting plants to their full potential.

At IAA we have built in excess of 150 RAS and have over the years applied a number of RAS concepts and dealt with more or less all the species where RAS has been applied. We have therefore the experience and knowledge needed in taking that often long journey with a customer, from origin of idea to the commissioning of a project.

IAA’s main activity is supply of industrial scale RAS for the aquaculture industry. We have however, also a sister company that deals with waste management within the agricultural sector, all work which we are benefitting from in connection with suitable solutions with waste management requirements for RAS developments. IAA is therefore in a position to offer the utmost in supply of RAS and associated waste management and end of pipe treatment solutions.

Further, under the IAA umbrella, we have a department dealing with municiple and industrial wastewater treatment.