IOSTC was founded in 2001 by professionals in the fields of marine science, oil spill management, interactive training, environmental consulting and business development. IOSTC team members have successfully developed and marketed interactive training projects, oil spill contingency planning and related training services to national and international clients. Through their experience in the field of oil spill response the founders of IOSTC realized the need for cost effective training that would capitalize on the advancement in the E-learning technology and provide their clients with leading edge efficient training solutions. IOSTC has developed effective methodologies and partnership models for applications development.

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602 - 2222 Bellevue Ave , West Vancouver , BC V7V 1C7 Canada

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Training provider
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Water and Wastewater - Oil Spills
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Internationally (various countries)
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The partnership model was successfully implemented and refined during the development of the “Basics of Oil Spill Response” training application, which was developed jointly with PetroCanada and the Canadian Coast Guard (Pacific Region). In addition to the company’s technical expertise, IOSTC has state-of-the-art production and testing facilities and in-house expertise that allow the company to produce cost effective interactive training applications. The company also has a comprehensive library of oil spill response images and contents.

IOSTC has formed associations with world leaders in the fields of oil spill management and training. The Company has developed a joint program with Capilano University of North Vancouver, BC 'Oil Spill Management Program', and an E-Learning Portal for online training.

The staff of any organization that handles hydrocarbon products must be trained on how to prevent, manage, and respond to oil spills. In fact, on-going training programs are necessary to maintain the level of readiness required to respond to small and major oil spills.

Interactive Oil Spill Training Center “IOSTC” located in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, specializes in delivering cost effective training in oil spill response and management, and consultation services in the areas of contingency planning and environmental impact assessment.

IOSTC's professional team has extensive world-wide experience in the fields of marine and land oil spill response operations, oil spill management, oil spill contingency planning, oil spill response training, environmental and marine science, and computer science.

IOSTC works with its clients to define their training needs and develop appropriate training courses, including classroom, interactive e-learning, and field training. In addition, IOSTC develops training management systems to facilitate and enhance environmental management and in so doing improve both efficiency and safety.

Computer based and classroom Training - Contingency Planning

Mission Statement
Providing Cost Effective Training Solutions with Sustainable Results to Prevent and Combat Oil Pollution