International Association of Public Transport (UITP) is the international network for public transport authorities and operators, policy decision-makers, scientific institutes and the public transport supply and service industry. It is a platform for worldwide cooperation, business development and the sharing of know-how between its 3,400 members from 92 countries. UITP is the global advocate of public transport and sustainable mobility, and the promoter of innovations in the sector.

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What is UITP

A global network serving your regional office
Our strong global presence gives us a unique insight into public transport trends worldwide. With a main office based in Brussels, Belgium and ten regional and liaison offices around the world, UITP is never too far from its members. This enables us to respond to your needs by providing targeted services and focusing on the key issues that have a significant impact for you.

Join your peers
UITP offers a unique platform for inter-sectoral dialogue and for exchange between:

  • operating companies;
  • local, regional and national authorities;
  • the service and supply industry; and
  • research institutes, academics and consultants.

UITP covers all modes of public transport - metro, bus, light rail, regional, suburban railways, and waterborne transport.

UITP is structured around regional, sectoral, modal and thematic working bodies. By participating in one or more of these platforms (depending on your field of activity and/or region of origin), you can contribute to the development of a wide range of projects and initiatives. Click here to see the complete list of our Divisions, Commissions and Working Bodies.

Events for everyone
The UITP World Congress is a biennial milestone for all public transport stakeholders. The congress presents the latest developments as far as institutional organisation, technology, policy, industrial innovations, financial schemes and integrated mobility are concerned. Members benefit from very attractive conditions for participating in this event.

The theme of the next 60th World Congress and Mobility & City Transport Exhibition to take place in Geneva from 26-30 May 2013, will be 'i-MOVE 2.0, THE business model for tomorrow?'

UITP also organises a large variety of thematic and regional events that offer regular opportunities to network and develop professional exchanges. They bring unique opportunities for discussion and debate at the highest level. A majority of events are exclusively reserved to members. For events that are also open to non-members, our members always enjoy a reduced registration fee.


The catalyst for new BUSINESS opportunities

Reduce your time-to market
By uniting the entire supply chain of public transport players, UITP is an ideal platform for developing business partnerships and joint ventures. UITP helps people make the right connections in a neutral and trusted atmosphere, thereby fostering investments in the sector, improving product development and accelerating sales cycles. UITP is also a source of cost-saving ideas and information.

Your business place
The UITP Mobility & City Transport Exhibition is the world’s largest urban and regional transport exhibition. It is organised in conjunction with the UITP biennial World Congress. As such, it is the premier showcase for the global market. If you want to meet all major rail integrators, bus manufacturers, leading component and technology firms and the service industry, the exhibition is the place to be!

UITP also holds regional and thematic exhibitions, providing a unique opportunity to discover advanced solutions and recent market developments. Reduced rates for exhibiting are offered to UITP members.

Specific initiatives such as the Trade Tours and the regional Business Forums have been recently developed in order to strengthen UITP’s role of business facilitator.


The global centre of KNOWLEDGE and know-how
UITP acts as the point of reference and a centre of best practices and benchmarking for the public transport sector. UITP acts as a knowledge hub on past and current developments and future trends. As such, UITP is THE worldwide expert on public transport and related issues.

Find the data you need
UITP’s Information Centre is a one-stop shop for data and information. Thanks to MOBI+, our e-library available exclusively to members, you can have easy access to the full texts of UITP’s studies and conference papers, as well as references to books, articles and websites. A picture library and statistics on public transport operators are also available, and tailor-made targeted research can be provided to members on request.

Facts and figures at your fingertips
UITP gathers and analyses up-to-date facts and figures which support sound transport policies. We have developed a range of products to provide members with quantitative and qualitative information on key aspects of public transport and urban mobility, notably the Mobility in Cities Database (MCD).

Stay in touch
UITP Direct is the UITP monthly newsletter. It keeps our members in touch with all the news about UITP’s many activities and initiatives.
UITP’s dynamic website, has been revamped in 2007. It acts as a gateway to a wealth of knowledge on public transport and provides the most up-to-date information on UITP’s activities.

Hot topics in public transport
Public Transport International, UITP’s flagship bimonthly magazine, provides an international perspective on public transport, with contributions from top public transport professionals worldwide. Members receive the magazine free of charge. PTI is now published in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

High-quality publications
As a centre of knowledge, UITP carries out numerous studies, projects and surveys, closely following the developments of the mobility market. The results are regularly made available in high-quality brochures, reports and CD-ROMs. UITP members benefit from a reduced price when buying these publications.

An international project leader
UITP regularly leads projects for international institutions, such as the European Commission. Under the framework of these projects UITP, launches and manages thematic networks of mobility experts on public transport policy and organisation.


The ADVOCATE for public transport and sustainable mobility
UITP works to mobilise political will with its sound evidence, and to create a favourable climate for the sector. UITP has a strong voice and significant influence when it comes to defending the interests of public transport. UITP reinforces members’ dialogues with their own stakeholders, supporting individual advocacy efforts.

Official positions on mobility issues
UITP issues Focus Papers, which are official positions of UITP on global mobility issues, representing the views of the sector. Focus Papers target political decision-makers, public authorities and international organisations, and are sent on a regular basis to all members.

UITP’s Charter on Sustainable Development
UITP’s Charter on Sustainable Development acknowledges the work UITP members have carried out as well as that which they commit to do to ensure that the three principles of sustainable development - social, economic and environmental - are embedded in their activities. All UITP members are invited to apply.

European Union Advocacy
The EU Committee of UITP is the body which speaks on behalf of public transport undertakings in the European Union. Its secretariat, based in Europe and called Euroteam is made up of experts seconded by national organisations and public transport undertakings within the EU.

International Advocacy
UITP’s close relations with other transport-related organisations, international institutions such as the United Nations and the World Bank, NGOs and the international media enforce the sector’s advocacy goals.


The promoter of INNOVATIONS and forward-looking solutions
UITP is a forward-looking Association, striving to anticipate needs and identify and promote future solutions for the sector.

A learning experience
UITP works to empower its members to be equipped to rise to the challenges of today and tomorrow through its programme of training courses. These courses are designed to enhance the experience of operating company and transport authority managers by improving their understanding of global mobility issues.

Innovate and evolve
UITP leads a number of visionary and innovative projects, such as our youth project and the Bus of the Future. It is also takes the lead in promoting ‘intelligent public transport systems’, notably through its biennial IT-TRANS event. Stay tuned with tomorrow’s solutions for the sector!

Join UITP and add value to your daily business!

The network of all mobility actors
Establish close relations with your international peers.

The catalyst for new business opportunities
Reduce your time-to-market and open the doors to new opportunities for business, ventures and partnerships.

The global centre of knowledge and know-how
Gain up-to-date knowledge, data, know-how and insights that will help you optimise your activities today.

The advocate for public transport and sustainable mobility
Add power to your national lobbying activities, and add your voice to the thousands of UITP members in order to create a favourable climate for the development of our sector.

The promoter of innovations and forward-looking solutions
Plan for the future and be prepared to rise to the challenges of tomorrow.