International Bird Rescue

International Bird Rescue (Bird Rescue) has been saving seabirds and other aquatic birds around the world since 1971. Bird Rescue`s team of specialists operates two year-round aquatic bird rescue centers in California, which care for over 5,000 birds every year, and has led oiled wildlife rescue efforts in over 200 oil spills in more than a dozen countries.

International Bird Rescue helps mitigate human impact on wildlife impacted by oil spills by providing a highly experienced team of emergency managers and wildlife specialists to manage wildlife responses.

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444 W. Ocean Boulevard, Suite 777 , Long Beach , California 90802 USA

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Bird Rescue: Merging science and compassion

International Bird Rescue was formed to provide the expertise and capacity needed to save oiled aquatic birds in emergency situations. Our highly trained staff and dedicated volunteers ensure that each bird receives expert and compassionate care.

Every bird matters.
We save birds' lives around the world by:

  • Responding to wildlife impacted by oil spills and providing expertise in planning and training to government agencies, oil industry personnel, wildlife groups and volunteers.
  • Taking action during wildlife disasters, such as red tides and algal blooms, when no other resources are available.
  • Caring for oiled, injured and orphaned aquatic birds year-round at our two rescue centers in California.
  • Conducting ongoing research into the most effective and bird-friendly ways to save lives.
  • Training organizations and individuals around the world who are committed to rescuing seabirds.
  • Inspiring the next generation by educating them about our life-saving work and the plight of the birds we care for.


Pioneers in oiled aquatic bird care
In January 1971, two oil tankers collided under the Golden Gate Bridge, spilling more than 800,000 gallons of crude oil into the San Francisco Bay. Little was known about oiled bird care at that time and despite the courageous attempts of hundreds of volunteers, only 300 birds survived from the 7,000 collected.

International Bird Rescue (Bird Rescue) set out to develop humane and scientifically-based oiled wildlife cleaning and rehabilitation techniques, while managing oiled wildlife response wherever needed. Today, Bird Rescue operates a year-round rescue program for oiled, orphaned, ill and injured aquatic birds from two key facilities in California's Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN). Making a difference to the lives of over 5,000 birds a year, the large number and variety of species admitted for care allows Bird Rescue to develop new and better methods of animal husbandry and medical treatment.

International Bird Rescue is a world leader in oiled wildlife emergency response, rehabilitation, research and education. Our team of more than 40 highly trained specialists has led rescue efforts in over 200 oil spills in 11 States, two U.S. territories, and 12 different countries.

We are committed to ensuring that every bird impacted by changes to their environment is given hope to survive and thrive.

Ready for any event, large or small - because every bird matters.