International Erosion Control Systems Inc. (IECS)

International Erosion Control Systems, Inc. is the leader in erosion control and innovation. For nearly 30 years, International Erosion Control Systems has been providing unique and groundbreaking erosion control solutions to customers. As an innovator in the field, we have developed highly effective technology to protect against erosion, including our patented Cable Concrete. With our comprehensive approach to erosion control, we look to not only stem emergency erosion problems, but also to develop long-term solutions to erosion problems by using Cable Concrete manufacturing. Because of our commitment to quality erosion control systems, we have earned an outstanding reputation in our field among engineers, project managers, construction contractors and other leaders in the industry.

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3030 N. Rocky Point Drive Suite 150 , Tampa , FL 33607 USA

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Soil and Groundwater - Geotechnical
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Internationally (various countries)

With our patented systems, we are able to provide services such as lakeshore protection, channel lining, landfill drainage systems, dam overflow protection and more. Our technology is durable, easy to maintain and, most of all, effective.

Quality Erosion Control

The beauty of our patented Cable Concrete® mat is that they are stable, flexible and highly versatile, so that they can be applied for multiple uses. This technology has been utilized for lakeshore protection, riverbank protection, landfill drainage systems, storm water pop and box culvert applications and more. The integrated cable design allows for heavy weight and force to be evenly distributed throughout the Cable Concrete® system. We are a member of both the Association of State Dam Safety Officials and the International Erosion Control Association. Customers choose us as a leader in Cable Concrete® mat manufacturing because:

  • Our patented technology controls emergency and long-term erosion.
  • Our concrete mats can be used for multiple applications.
  • Our technology is cost effective and weather resistant.
  • We are a leader in our industry.
  • We deliver our materials in a timely manner and strive always for customer satisfaction.