International Hydronics Corp.

International Hydronics Corp.

Our analytical laboratory is certified to test your air, water, soil and waste samples. A full report will be supplied for each analysis. As needed, our consultants are ready to review the data, assist you in preparing reports and, when necessary, suggest and implement remediation recommendations.

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P.O. Box 243 , Rocky Hill , New Jersey 08553 USA
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Consulting firm
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Analytical Services
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Nationally (across the country)
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International Hydronics - Environmental Testing Focused on Industrial Clients

Environmental Testing & Analytical Laboratory
In the field of environmental testing every measurement is critical and precision is paramount. International Hyronics (IH) is the answer to critical environmental problems where an expert in the industry is a requirement. Our Environmental Testing Laboratory provides more than just a report, we provide state of the art analysis of water and soil done by experts and leaders in the industry.

International Hyronics provides a project management team, field support staff and lab technicians, from the field to the final report, IH is committed to get the job done efficiently and correctly every time. We have experience in all the major remediation and commercial programs that our clients expect. IH analytical laboratory services range from drinking water testing for property transfers to NJDEP Site Remediation programs for Ground Water to phase 1 support testing. IH also specializes in management of Public Water Supply systems that require State and local submissions monthly, quarterly, annually and in some cases daily.

Analytical Laboratories

Through NJAL, the certified testing lab that performs our laboratory services, we provide low detection limits for both Ground Water and soil. International Hydronics can also support low-level detection for all surface water criteria and can participate in preparation of Quality Assurance plans. To support your remediation and monitoring projects, International Hydronics is available to manage your field sampling requirements. International Hyronics will support your project, from the field sampling of monitoring wells, to excavation testing in UST removal. We pride ourselves on being an active component of our clients' remediation programs.