International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA)

International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA)

Founded in 1974, the International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) is an advocate and key resource for the liquid terminal industry. With headquarters in the Washington, DC, area, ILTA has the ability to maintain a close eye on Congress and the federal agencies and to develop working relationships with other organizations that interact with the tank storage industry. ILTA represents companies and partnerships that operate terminals worldwide. Products handled by our members include crude oil, petroleum products, asphalt, and a wide variety of chemicals, as well as ethanol, bio-diesel, vegetable oils, molasses and fertilizers. Not a member? Join ILTA today to become part of a diversified group of companies that are leaders in the terminal industry.

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1005 North Glebe Road, Suite 600 , Arlington , VA 22201 USA

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Professional association
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Globally (various continents)

ILTA represents 81 companies and partnerships that operate bulk liquid storage terminals in 46 countries.  These facilities are located in ports and along rivers, canals and pipelines.  They serve the vital economic purpose of transferring liquid products from one transportation mode to another.  Products handled by our members include crude oil, refined petroleum products, chemicals, renewable fuels, fertilizers, vegetable oils, and other food grade materials.

ILTA’s mission is to—

  • Provide our members with essential informational tools to facilitate regulatory compliance and improve operations, safety and environmental performance;
  • Offer opportunities for relationship building, networking and knowledge sharing; and
  • Represent the bulk liquid terminal industry before Congress and government agencies.

Core Principles

ILTA is committed to providing exceptional services to our members that add value to their business operations. We constantly strive to align our resources with the needs of our members and to test new ideas and institute change where appropriate.

ILTA is dedicated to helping our members continually improve the safety of their operations and the level of environmental responsibility demonstrated at their facilities.

We recognize the value of networking and knowledge sharing among peers as an essential component of the professional development and job satisfaction of terminal member employees.

Industry Advocate

From operational issues to environmental regulations, ILTA is an advocate for its members.  We focus solely on one industry—the bulk liquid terminals that store petroleum products and a wide variety of chemicals and other commodities.  We understand the unique challenges confronting our members.  ILTA fully utilizes these advantages in serving as an advocate for the bulk liquid terminal industry.

Shaping Public Policy

As a trade association, we are able to pool the financial and technical resources of our members in shaping the public policies that affect our industry.  Working with our members, and often with other trade associations, we participate in agency rulemaking proceedings and routinely engage in informal discussions with regulators.  By helping government officials acquire a better understanding of how their proposals impact our industry, ILTA has been effective in reducing regulatory burdens on our members.

Annual Operating Conference & Trade Show

Our annual operating conference offers training seminars, safety education courses and in-depth information on industry trends.  The trade show provides terminal operators with one-stop shopping as they learn about new products and services during the largest annual gathering of the storage tank industry.

Information and Issue Analysis

ILTA educates and informs its members about important issues impacting the terminal industry.  Through our publications, meetings, training courses, and educational seminars, we serve as a reliable information resource for our members.  We continuously work to identify critical issues facing terminals and help our members resolve them.