International Ozone Technologies Group, Inc.

International Ozone is a premier manufacturer of air purification and odor control equipment. Our lines of Total Zone Ozone Generators and Titan Hydroxyl Generators are utilized in many applications to remove odors, purify air, and improve indoor air quality. Our equipment is manufactured in the U.S.A. to meet rigid quality, durability, and safety standards. Whether you are a homeowner looking to improve your indoor air quality or a restoration contractor needing to clean entire buildings, we have something that will get your job done.

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1100 S. W. 10th. Street, Ste J , Delray Beach , FL 33444 USA

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Air and Climate - Indoor Air
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

International Ozone Technologies Group Inc. is a honest company that manufactures proven, durable products. International Ozone manufactures Total Zone Ozone Generators and Titan Hydroxyl Generators for disaster cleanup, restoration, mold remediation, and odor control. We have an established network of dealerships throughout the restoration industry.

Ozone is produced naturally in nature by high voltage lightning strikes. I’m sure you have noticed how fresh and clean the air is after a thunderstorm. What has happened is that ozone has been produced by lightning and has oxidized the pollutants from the air. Ozone is also produced by the ultraviolet rays in sunlight reacting with organics in the air. Many times smog is referred to as ozone. This is incorrect, smog is a combination of pollutants in the air where ozone is actually oxidizing or destroying the pollutants and cleaning the air. Ozone is nature’s air purifier and deodorizer. Ozone can be used to get rid of odors (smoke, urine, gases, water damage, pet, etc.) and also to destroy bacteria, mold, virus, mildew, germs, etc. Ozone can also purify water for drinking, swimming, pollution and odor control, just to name a few. Most bottled water is sterilized with ozone because once it does its job it converts back to oxygen leaving no harmful chemicals behind.

This is where International Ozone comes in; we have developed a technology to produce high concentrations of ozone with little or no maintenance. To the end user this means you can spend more time using our equipment and making money rather than working on it and spending money. All our Total Zone ozone generators are built to commercial standards for heavy use and long life. We offer a one-year commercial warranty on all parts and labor.